Zack Fair Build Guide

Zack Fair Build Guide

Part 3 of the Ever Crisis Character Builds Series covers how to play Zack - how to play, and what the best Weapons and builds are!

Part 3 of the Ever Crisis Character Builds Series covers how to play Zack, what role he can be in any team and builds!

Zack Fair Build Guide


Zack is a young and charismatic SOLDIER 1st Class in the Shinra Electric Power Company, which is known for its elite military forces. He wields a large sword and is a skilled warrior. Zack is confident, outgoing, and full of energy, often displaying a cheerful and optimistic personality. He's fiercely loyal to his friends and values his comrades in SOLDIER, especially Angeal and Genesis, who play key roles in his story.

Zack in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis
Zack in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

The events of "Crisis Core" follow Zack's journey as he becomes involved in Shinra's secret experiments and uncovers the truth about their sinister plans. He also develops a romantic relationship with Aerith Gainsborough, another important character in the Final Fantasy VII universe.

It was nice to see Zack in a casual side story rather than the serious tone of FFVII
It was nice to see Zack in a casual side story rather than the serious tone of FFVII

Zack's story is intertwined with the backstory of Cloud Strife, as he becomes Cloud's mentor and friend. Zack's fate becomes a critical element in the overall narrative of Final Fantasy VII, setting the stage for the events that transpire in the main game. His character is known for his heroism, and his story is both tragic and inspiring to fans of the series.

Builds for Zack in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Zack Fair, our protagonist, boasts an impressive array of abilities and a versatile skill set. He can excel in multiple roles, making him a valuable asset in any team composition:

  • He can be a formidable tank, a magic damage dealer, or a physical powerhouse, Zack has the tools to fit the bill
  • His abilities include self-buffs, self-heals, and even the capacity to debuff enemy defences
  • Keep in mind that Zack primarily excels in single-target combat, a characteristic influenced by Crisis Core's story mode, which limits your party to only him
Don’t ignore Zack, he just wants to be a hero

Exploring Zack's Arsenal: Weapons Unveiled

Zack's weaponry is quite unique and offers a wide range of options, making him adaptable to different combat scenarios. Let's break down his primary weapons:

Zack has the tools to deal AOE damage

  1. Crystal Sword: This weapon deals area-of-effect (AOE) fire damage, making it perfect for crowd control.
  2. Falchion: Zack wields the Falchion for AOE wind damage, ideal for attacking multiple foes at once

Zack has the tools to inflict defence debuffs on enemies

  1. Arc Sword: This weapon reduces magic defense by medium to high amounts, offering significant utility in battles against magic-oriented enemies.
  2. Cutlass: Zack's Cutlass weakens the physical defense of his adversaries, making it an excellent choice when facing physically resilient foes

Zack’s defensive weapon options to turn him into a self-sustaining tank

  1. Enhanced Sword: This sword serves as a healing weapon and increases physical defense while applying region effects. It's perfect for Zack's solo story play, offering valuable self-sustain.
  2. Defender: Provides increase DEF and also casts regen. This equipment is also perfect for Zack’s solo story play.

While Zack possesses a multitude of weapons, we'll focus on three main builds, and you can choose additional situational weapons based on your team composition and the specific challenges you face.

Building the Perfect Zack: Three Distinct Builds

Would these 3 make the best Ever Crisis full-DPS-team?

1. Physical Powerhouse Build

  1. Primary Weapon: Falchion (Wind Damage)
  2. Secondary Weapon: Zweihander (Physical Attack)
  • This build focuses on Zack's physical prowess, particularly in AOE damage.
  • The synergy between the Falchion and Zweihander makes Zack a force to be reckoned with in battles against multiple foes (Gale Blast).
  • With the Falchion dealing wind damage and the Zweihander maximizing his physical attack, you'll see your enemies crumble before you.
  • This build can also used when you’re making Zack as your main DPS dealer and given the role of “Boss Killer” (Just make Zweihander the main weapon)
  • With this build, Zack has both a good single-target C-ability from Zweihander and a great AOE damage dealing skill from Falchion to clear the smaller mobs that comes with some bosses.

Sub-weapons to consider with this build:

  • Motor Drive (Best option) – provides the highest Boost PATK pts at the moment & adds towards Boost Wind Potential as well
  • Apocalypse – Boost ATK pts & Boost Wind Potential pts
  • Black Rifle – Boost PATK pts & Boost Crit. Potential pts (adding some Crit. in any build is always good)
  • Maritime Sword / Murasame / Broadsword: Axis – Further adds PATK pts

2. Magic Damage Dealer

  1. Primary Weapon: Beach Parasol (Magic Attack)
  2. Secondary Weapon: Arc Sword (Magic Def. Debuff)


  1. Primary Weapon: Ifrit’s Sword (MAG Fire Damage – Single Target)
  2. Secondary Weapon: Crystal Sword (Z) (Mag Fire Damage – AOE)
  3. Both weapons when used together makes Zack a FIRE elemental damage dealer
Zack’s Beach Parasol’s Stats
Zack’s Beach Parasol’s Stats
  • This build is just as powerful as the physical build above
  • The idea of this build is to initiate the “Homing Blast” to decrease the enemy’s magic defence and
  • Follow up with various magical attacks from other team members and also Zack’s very own Magic Ray++
  • This build is rather F2P friendly as we focus on the newly acquired “Beach Parasol” obtained from the recent ‘Beach Festival Fun’ event
  • Magic build consisting of both Ifrit’s Sword and Crystal Sword makes Zack a Fire damage dealing unit
  • With this “Fire” build will make Zack deals tonnes of fire damage
  • Crystal Sword is also Zack’s rare weapons that has “sigil breaks” ability slapped on it
  • It might be the only one for now – This might change in the near future as more weapons are introduced

Sub-weapons to consider with this build:

  • Flame Projector – Boost MATK pts & Boost Fire Pot. Pts
  • Tiger Fangs – Boost MATK pts & Boost Crit. Pot. Pts
  • Sun Umbrella – Boost MATK pts & Boost Mag. Ability Pot. Pts
  • Rage Collar – Boost ATK pts & Boost Fire Pot. Pts
  • Mythril Saber / Jiggy Fam / Absolute Royal – Further Boosts MATK pts
Cloud being the main DPS and Zack given a different role
Cloud being the main DPS and Zack given a different role

3. Versatile Self Sustain Tank and Support Build

  1. Primary Weapon: Enhance Sword (Z) (MAG Heal – Single target)
  2. Secondary Weapon: Defender (Buff defense [Pot.: High] – Single Ally)
Zack’s Enhance Sword (Z)
Zack’s Enhance Sword (Z)
Zack’s Defender
Zack’s Defender
  • In this build, Zack transforms into a sturdy tank with self-sustaining abilities and also defensive supportive skills to help the team
  • Both Enhance Sword and also Defender has ‘Boost Heal’ and helps with “Healing Vortex” healing capabilities on a single target
  • Single target healing is great for bosses that doesn’t do any AOE damage and only attacks that one single character repetitively
  • In such a battle if the boss enemy is targeting Zack only, players can begin to use Spirit Burst and Healing Vortex on Zack (or any other team member that’s being targeted by the boss) and allow other team members to do damage, debuff and so on to win the battle
  • Zack with these two (2) weapons also helps carry the burden from the team’s dedicated healer from sustaining resposibilities

Sub-weapons to consider with this build:

  • Weapons that Boost HP – Shiva’s Blade / Butterfly Edge / Crystal Gloves
  • Weapons that Boost PDEF – Max Ray / Leather Gloves / Cutlass
  • Weapons that Boost MDEF – Heavy Vulcan / Kaiser Knuckles / Sleek Collar

Unleash the True Power of Zack Fair

With Zack Fair's versatile skill set and a carefully crafted build, you can conquer any challenge FFVII: Ever Crisis throws your way. Whether you prefer to dominate the battlefield with AOE damage, incinerate foes with fire magic, or support your team by debuffing enemies or with sustaining supportive abilities, Zack has a build that suits your playstyle.

  • Which build you choose, will depend on your playstyle and the needs of your party
  • If you are looking for a hard hitter, making Zack focus on a physical DPS build is a good option
  • If you are looking for a character that can support your party, making Zack utilize his supportive build is a good option

I hope this guide was helpful!

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