Glenn’s Steiner’s Blade Review


In this article, we'll review Glenn's newest weapon, the Steiner's Blade. This weapon is farmable during the FF9 Crossover Event. We will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Steiner's Blade

Steiner's Blade (Glenn) [Limited]

Base Stats

[PATK: 169] [MATK: 160] [HEAL: 131] (90 OB0)
[PATK: 405] [MATK: 384] [HEAL: 183] (90 OB10)
[PATK: 422] [MATK: 400] [HEAL: 196] (90 OB+20)

Steiner's Blade sits at the bottom of Glenn's arsenal in terms of base stats. It boasts a slightly higher physical attack than magical attack but has really poor healing stats. These low base stats compensate for its ease of farming; you can actually get it to OB20 without much effort thanks to the drop bonus provided by the event weapons and gear.


Power Break (4 ATB)
Ruinra Smash [Phys. Non-elem.]
400% Phys. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Power Break [Phys. Non-elem.]
260% Phys. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]
20s PATK Down (+6s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]
10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Power Break [Phys. Non-elem.]
300% Phys. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]
22s PATK Down (+7s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]
10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Power Break+ [Phys. Non-elem.]
350% Phys. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]
25s PATK Down (+7s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]
10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Power Break++ [Phys. Non-elem.]
360% Phys. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]
28s PATK Down (+9s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]
10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Its C-ability deals physical non-elemental damage with a 360% modifier to a single enemy, featuring a critical hit rate of 10%. Additionally, it debuffs physical defense with a low potency even at max overboost. Glenn possesses a superior weapon in Piece of Cake, which can significantly debuff physical defense with a higher potency. However, if you don't have access to Piece of Cake, this weapon will suffice.


27 Boost ATK / 24 Boost Limit Break Pot.

Similar to Lucia's Vivi's Magical Gun, it provides a 27-point attack boost and a 24-point increase in limit break potency. It's highly effective for further enhancing the damage output of a damage dealer when they have reached the cap for physical or magical attack. Additionally, it offers the advantage of augmenting limit break damage and is relatively easy to raise the limit break potency bonus to its maximum as it is farmable. Overall, it presents good offensive R-abilities considering it's a free event weapon.

Sub-weapon use

When it comes to sub-weapon use, as I mentioned before, it can benefit damage dealers who have already reached the cap for their respective damage stats. It can also be employed by Lucia if you're aiming for a limit break damage build on her, pairing it with her Magical Gun as the main weapon. The well-balanced combination of offensive R-abilities truly makes this free event weapon shine.

Support Materia Slots

ATK Boost I
ATK Boost I
PATK Boost I

It has 2 slots for PATK/MATK +10% and 1 slot for PATK +20%. The 20% PATK boost could prove useful if you ever equip this on Glenn's main hand; however, I doubt that would be the case unless you truly lack better options to equip.


For a theoretical build, you could opt for Steiner's Blade in the main hand, followed by Pumpkin Lamppost in the off hand. As for sub-weapons, you could consider Vivi's Magical Gun and two max overboosted weapons like Thousand Waves and Torn Wing.

Assuming all non-max weapons are at level 90 and Glenn is at level 55, these will be his stats and boosts:

This build is designed for Glenn to fulfill the role of a physical defense debuffer and physical attack buffer. He also boasts fairly high defensive stats in HP, PDEF, and MDEF thanks to the max overboosted free event weapons. Vivi's Magical Gun is included to provide the limit break potency bonus. When combined with Steiner's Blade, he can achieve a 55% bonus on limit break damage. Consequently, he's not just a debuffer/buffer; he can also inflict serious damage with his limit break.


The standout feature of this weapon is its limit break potency bonus. Similar to Vivi's Magical Gun, I can foresee this weapon being utilized in future builds centered on limit break damage. It's safe to say that you should farm this weapon as much as you can because, for one, it's free, and secondly, it offers a rare R-ability on a farmable weapon.


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