Lucia’s Holiday Revolver Weapon and Gear Review


In this article, we'll review Lucia's newest weapon, the Holiday Revolver . This weapon shares a banner with Tifa's Holy Flame Gloves. We will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Holiday Revolver

Holiday Revolver (Lucia) [Gacha]

Base Stats

[PATK: 176] [MATK: 236] [HEAL: 152] (90 OB0)
[PATK: 422] [MATK: 566] [HEAL: 212] (90 OB10)
[PATK: 440] [MATK: 590] [HEAL: 228] (90 OB+20)

The Holiday Revolver is Lucia's highest magical attack weapon. In second place is her SSR1976, which is a buffing weapon, and following that is the Serpent Eater, dealing physical water damage but having more magical attack than physical attack. Fortunately, the Holiday Revolver's highest base stat aligns with its damage type.


Rock Blast (4 ATB)

Quakera Burst [Mag. Earth]
300% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Rock Blast [Mag. Earth]
440% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Rock Blast [Mag. Earth]
530% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Rock Blast+ [Mag. Earth]
660% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Rock Blast++ [Mag. Earth]
800% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Its C-ability deals single-target earth damage with a maximum modifier of 800%, which I find great in my humble opinion. This marks the first earth single-target weapon in the game and also the first physical earth damage weapon. I had a feeling this weapon would eventually become available. Finally, I can stop trying to craft the perfect Quake/Quake Blow materia. It was truly frustrating not having a dedicated earth damage dealer with a corresponding earth weapon and gear.


40 Boost MATK / 36 Boost Earth Pot.

This is only Lucia's second magical attack boosting weapon. The other one, Barn Swallow, provides only 16 points of magical attack boost at level 90. This new addition to her arsenal is quite welcome and significantly contributes to enhancing her magical builds. It grants 24 points of magical attack and 9 points of earth potency at level 90. At max level, it gives 40 and 36 points, respectively.

Support Materia Slots

MATK Boost I
MATK Boost I
⬤ Sigil Boost I

It has 2 'Magical Attack +20%' support materia slots and 1 Circle Sigil damage boost slot. The first two slots are excellent for equipping magic materia to cover various elements. The last slot is particularly useful against bosses who utilize circle sigils.

Sub-weapon use

This weapon significantly supports earth magic damage dealer builds as there is only one other weapon that boosts both magic attack and earth potency, and that is Jiggy Fam. Additionally, it performs excellently on magical damage dealers even at level 90.


coming soon!


The Holiday Coat is the first gear that boosts earth damage, filling a significant gap as every other element already has a damage-boosting gear. This coat provides a 5-point magical attack bonus and 10 points of Earth Arcanum, translating to a 35% earth damage bonus.


The Holiday Revolver and Coat are two must-pull weapons and gears if you aim to cover all elemental needs for your party. My party lacked an earth damage dealer, and these weapons and gear will enable me to fulfill that role. They are a must-pull for me, and I strongly recommend you pull them as well. Lucia is also a versatile character to develop since she can fulfill multiple roles, such as a physical damage dealer or debuffer. Converting her into a magical damage dealer isn't challenging. The primary motivation here is that she is the only efficient earth damage dealer in the game and might remain the sole one in the near future. I wouldn't skip acquiring these items.


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