Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Yuffie Weapon Tier List

It's time to revisit Yuffie's weapons for February 2024. We'll sort her weapons according to their usefulness in clearing content, efficiency in certain builds, and potential use as a sub-weapon.

S Tier• Spiral Shuriken
• Arctic Star
A Tier• Wind Slash
• Crystal Cross
• Pinwheel
• Boomerang
• 4-Point Shuriken
B Tier• Magic Shuriken
• Twin Viper
• Razor Ring

S Tier

Spiral Shuriken

The Spiral Shuriken stands out as an excellent weapon choice for Yuffie, especially when confronting foes vulnerable to ice. It boasts a high damage modifier and provides substantial offensive boosts in both PATK and Ice Damage, making it a formidable option for dealing with enemies weak to ice attacks.

Arctic Star

The Arctic Star stands out as potentially Yuffie's best weapon, aligning seamlessly with her role as a physical attacker. Not only does it enhance her damage potential by boosting PATK, but it also solidifies her position as the ultimate physical attack buffer with an increase in buff duration. This combination of offensive and supportive capabilities makes the Arctic Star a standout choice for maximizing Yuffie's effectiveness in battles.

A Tier

Wind Slash

The Wind Slash proves to be a valuable weapon when Yuffie takes on a support role for a lightning damage dealer, such as Cloud. Both of its R Abilities offer significant advantages, with the second one being particularly noteworthy for its ability to extend debuff durations. This makes Wind Slash a strategic choice, enhancing Yuffie's supportive capabilities in a team focused on lightning damage.

Crystal Cross

The Crystal Cross excels in boosting the MATK of a single ally, making it a valuable asset for magic damage dealers. However, considering Yuffie's primary focus as a physical damage dealer, the MATK boost might not be fully optimized for her. Nevertheless, if you lack another MATK buffer in your lineup, this weapon can still serve its purpose adequately for Yuffie.


The Pinwheel, much like the Wind Slash, debuffs an enemy's elemental resistance, specifically targeting ice this time. It forms a synergistic pairing with Yuffie's Spiral Shuriken, which deals ice damage. While the boosts on this weapon aren't solely offensive-focused, the addition of HP and the Ice damage boost makes it a well-rounded choice, contributing to both survivability and increased damage output.


The Boomerang stands out as another elemental debuffing weapon for Yuffie, focusing on lowering fire resistance. It proves particularly effective when paired with a Fire-element primary damage dealer like Cloud. In this strategic setup, Yuffie takes on the role of support and sub DPS, enhancing the overall synergy within the team.

4-Point Shuriken

The 4-Point Shuriken earns its place in the A tier, primarily due to its AOE offensive debuffs, targeting PATK. This proves particularly valuable in content featuring enemies with high damage output. The inclusion of HP and debuff duration boosts as R abilities adds to its overall appeal, enhancing its utility and making it a welcomed addition to Yuffie's arsenal.

B Tier

Magic Shuriken

The magic shuriken has a low damage modifier, but it targets all enemies. The primary boost is in ATK, which is generally inferior to PATK or MATK. However, the wind potency bonus could prove useful if you can successfully overboost it by a significant amount.

Twin Viper

The Twin Viper, with its low damage modifier and non-elemental nature, falls into a lower tier of weapons. While non-elemental weapons have their niche uses, the lack of a specific elemental advantage contributes to its comparatively lower effectiveness. Additionally, the weapon applies a poison debuff, but it's worth noting that most bosses are immune to such status effects.

Razor Ring

The Razor Ring shares a similar fate with the Magic Shuriken, featuring a low damage modifier but excelling in AoE damage. At level 90, the MATK boost remains relatively low. However, the Earth potency boost could prove beneficial if significantly overboosted, adding a strategic element to its effectiveness.


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