A. P. Raphael

A. P. Raphael

A. P. Raphael has been playing video games since he was 4 years old and has never stopped loving them. He is also a casual writer who delights in sharing his passion for gaming with others through quirky articles. Sometimes, Raphael also likes to make people laugh with gaming jokes in his writing.

Young Sephiroth’s New Weapons and Gear Review

Introduction A new update for the game and a new featured weapon banner! It’s that time again for evercrisis.gg to give our readers our thoughts, comments and answering the question: “Should you be pulling for Edged Wings and Edged Wings…

Materia Guide

Your complete guide to the Materia system in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis: Stats, synthesis, upgrading, equipping, the end game grind, and more.

Beach Festival Fun Event Guide

The very first event in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is Beach Festival Fun with new featured Weapon banners! Here's everything you need to know, including our review of the new items and how to get them all.
Weapon System Guide 1

Weapon System Guide

Secondary and Sub Weapons? What do they all do? The Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Weapon system fully explained to make things less confusing for everyone!

Reroll Guide

Start your Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis journey in this detailed guide to rerolling the ideal weapons and gear!