Cloud’s Holiday Cheer Weapon Review


In this article, we'll review Cloud's newest weapon, the Holiday Cheer. This is a farmable weapon from the Christmas Event. We will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer (Cloud) [Limited]

Base Stats

[PATK: 173] [MATK: 184] [HEAL: 153] (90 OB0)
[PATK: 415] [MATK: 441] [HEAL: 214] (90 OB10)
[PATK: 432] [MATK: 460] [HEAL: 229] (90 OB+20)

Holiday Cheer has pretty subpar base stats. Its magic attack is slightly higher than its physical attack, which is nice since its ability is magic attack-based. Otherwise, nothing really stands out in terms of base stats. For a free weapon, though, it's not bad.


Quakera Surge A (4 ATB)

Quakera Burst [Mag. Earth]
320% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Quakera Surge A [Mag. Earth]
210% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Quakera Surge A [Mag. Earth]
240% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Quakera Surge A+ [Mag. Earth]
280% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Quakera Surge A++ [Mag. Earth]
290% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Its C-ability does AoE earth magic damage, which isn't a unique ability. The Wizer Staff and Jiggy Fam have the same C-ability albeit with higher damage modifiers. It's not that great against single-target enemies since you can simply use a Quake materia for a lower ATB cost.


27 Boost MATK / 24 Boost PDEF

For its R-ability, it increases magic attack by 27 points and physical defense by 24 points. It is the first free event weapon to have a magic attack boost, which is quite useful for mage builds. I'm assuming there will be another free event weapon with a magic attack boost in the near future since they always come in pairs.

Support Materia Slots

ATK Boost I
ATK Boost I
MATK Boost I

For support materia slots, there isn't much to write about here. It comes with the standard 2 ATK Boost 1s and 1 MATK Boost 1. Not really good for main hand use.

Sub-weapon use

Sub-weapon usage is where the Holiday Cheer really shines, as it's the first one to have magical attack as one of its boosts, purely speaking in terms of farmable, fully max-overboostable event weapons. So far, there isn't a MATK-boosting weapon that can give 32 points at level 90, so this one giving 27 points is quite welcome. I'm assuming this will be part of mage builds in the future.


coming soon!


Overall, Holiday Cheer is a good weapon if you are lacking earth elemental damage options or sub-weapons to boost magical attack. Definitely farm it to the max.


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