Red XIII (Nanaki) Build Guide

Red XIII (Nanaki) Build Guide

Part 4 of the Ever Crisis Character Builds Series covers how to play Red XIII - how to play, and what the best Weapons and builds are!

Part 4 of the Ever Crisis Character Builds Series; Unveiling the Hidden Power of Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis!

Hey there, dear readers of! Today, we're diving headfirst into a character that's been over-looked in this game – none other than Red XIII, our personal favourite!

Red XIII (Nanaki) Build Guide


Red XIII is a non-human character and resembles a large, wolf-like creature with a flame-like mane and a long, fiery tail. Despite his beastly appearance, he possesses high intelligence and can speak the human language.

Nanaki and the main casts of FFVII in Ever Crisis
Nanaki and the main casts of FFVII in Ever Crisis

Red XIII joins the main party of characters as they journey to stop the malevolent Shinra Electric Power Company and later confront the planet-threatening entity known as Sephiroth. His real name, Nanaki, is revealed through the course of the game. Red XIII's character arc explores themes of identity, heritage, and the balance between his animalistic instincts and human-like intellect.

Red’s Official Introduction in Ever Crisis
Red’s Official Introduction in Ever Crisis

He hails from the remote Cosmo Canyon and has a personal connection to the game's lore and the history of the planet. Red XIII is a loyal and brave companion who contributes his unique abilities, such as his agility and unique attacks, to the party's success. His story and character development add depth to the Final Fantasy VII narrative. Now in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, we get more opportunities to get to know the character and connect with him more deeply than before.

Red’s Limit Breaks – Sled Fang & Lunatic High
Red’s Limit Breaks – Sled Fang & Lunatic High

Nanaki’s Versatile Limit Breaks

  • Red XIII's two limit breaks, Sled Fang and Lunatic High, prove their worth across various encounters
  • Sled Fang is overshadowed in online co-op due to the nature of battles where players wants to finish the battle A.S.A.P. rather than focusing on sustainability of the team
  • Nevertheless, Sled Fang shines in solo play, where most bosses are susceptible to its debuffs
  • Debuffing the boss enemy’s damage output will definitely increase the team’s survivability rate during challenging battles
Lunatic High
  • Lunatic High, often overlooked, boosts both physical and magical defenses, serving as a safety net when you can't break sigils in time
  • Lunatic High boosts physical and magical defense mid-potency for 15 seconds, invaluable for those moments where teams are going to receive some huge damage attacks from the enemy

Builds for Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Red XIII is a unique character in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, as he specializes in HP regen. This means that he can provide a gradual heal to all party members over time. This can be useful for long fights, but it is not as effective when you need a big healing burst for your team in emergency situations.

There are a few different weapon builds that you can use for Red XIII

Red had a dedicated featured banner and gear after game launch

Regen Support & Thunder Team Enabler (BEST BUILD!!)

Red’s Seaside Collar
Red’s Seaside Collar
  1. Primary Weapon: Seaside Collar (Applies “Thunder Resist is decreased”)
  2. Secondary Weapon: Platinum Collar (AOE Healing & AOE Regen)

Now, you might be wondering, what's the deal with Red XIII and the Seaside Collar? Well, let me tell you, this weapon is a game-changer. The Seaside Collar, when leveled up to reach pink stars, grants the first cast of its ability an immensely high potency. Translation? It applies the maximum debuff on the first cast instead of having to stack it multiple times.

  • With just one cast of Seaside Collar’s C-ability, you can significantly reduce an enemy's Thunder resistance
  • With this build, Red XIII truly comes into his own in boss fights where the enemy is made to be vulnerable to lightning attacks
  • Pair him up with characters like Cloud, Aerith, or Tifa, armed with Thunder-based abilities, and the damage output becomes staggering compared to situations where no thunder resistance reductions are applied
Red’s Platinum Collar
  • The Platinum Collar, often underestimated, adds another layer to Red XIII's versatility
  • This weapon offers regen ticks to keep the team’s HP full at all times when combined with another AOE healer such as Aerith
  • Example: Let’s say the team is challenging 2-3 mobs or a boss that does constant pressure and damage to your characters
  • With regen, you will be able to deal with those “small” annoying damages that keeps on coming from the enemy
  • Sometimes, the enemy damages your little by little and it’s not appropriate for you to hit that big AOE heal because your HP is still in the safe zone
  • Regen comes handy to deal with these constant pressure of attacks from the enemy
  • You can then let Aerith do other things like AOE thunder attack or just save that big AOE heal for other instances
  • In short: Red XIII's regen ticks keep everyone healthy (In battles with multiple enemies or bosses that deal constant AOE damage, the regen effect keeps your party consistently topped off, ensuring their survivability)

AOE Magic Def Debuffer for Quick Clears

Red’s 5-star Gold Collar
  1. Primary Weapon: Gold Collar (AOE magic defence decrease)
  2. Secondary Weapon: Platinum Collar (AOE Healing & AOE Regen)
  • This build allows Red XIII to provide gradual healing to the party while also dealing AOE magic damage
  • The Platinum Collar is the best regen weapon in the game
  • The Gold Collar provides an AOE magic damage option and debuffs the enemy's magic defense
  • The Gold Collar is another gem that often goes unnoticed: As the only weapon in the game applying an AOE magic defense decrease, it excels in AOE farming content
  • Pairing this weapon with magic-based characters turns Red XIII into an essential asset for quick AOE clears
  • Alternatively, Platinum Collar could also be replaced with Noble Collar that inflicts AOE water damage to all enemies
  • Pair Noble Collar with Gold Collar and you get a secondary magical damage dealer to clear smaller contents much faster for resource grinding and so on

In summary, Red XIII is far from the underwhelming character some tier lists initially portrayed. With the Seaside Collar, Platinum Collar, Limit Break versatility and usage of the Gold Collar, he emerges as a formidable force in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. He specializes in HP regen, but he can also be built as a damage dealer or a support character. With his new weapon he enables a team that specializes with thunder elemental damage abilities.

Keep an eye out for future content about Red XIII on our website, as we from are beginning to realize that this character might rise above the tier list rankings as more and more weapons with thunder abilities drops into the game. With the right build, Red XIII can be a valuable asset to your party.

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