Gacha System Guide

How the gacha system works in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, what we are pulling for, and what the pity system is.

In this article, we will look at the gacha system for the game and after you finish reading this you should be able to know:

  • What the system looks like – the uniqueness of it
  • What we are pulling for
  • The differences with other existing systems out there
  • How the pity system works
  • Overview of the system

What does the gacha system looks like?

  • The gacha system does not involve any character pulling
  • You unlock characters as the story progresses
    • As you play through the story, the game forces you to use appropriate characters/team at certain times
    • Aside from the main story quests, you will be able to use your own team while playing side contents or doing missions to farm materials
Characters are obtained freely and not through gacha
  • The gacha system involves weapons and gears only
  • The rarity of items available are 3-stars, 4-stars and 5-stars weapons/gears

The Gacha System Uniqueness

From the gacha user’s interface, we can see that there are four tabs:

  • “Special” tab
  • “Stamps 1” tab
  • “Stamps 2” tab
  • “Tickets” tab
Guaranteed 5-star weapon draw available in the beginning of gameplay
Tickets gacha does not involve any ‘gems’ but instead uses in-game tickets

When you enter the game as a new player, you will be presented with a special tab that has a 5-star guaranteed pull that can be done once. Additionally, there is also a newbie pull where players are given ten pulls for free which does not involve any guaranteed 5-star pull.

How does the pity system work?

Stamps 1 & Stamps 2 weapon banner featuring Cloud’s Murasame and Barret’s Microlaser

Stamps 1 and Stamps 2 are ‘gacha banner’ that rotates weekly and are not “permanent banners” that will be there all the time. In this section, we will see what makes Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis gacha system unique and different compared to other gacha games out there.

The Murasame weapon for Cloud
The Microlaser weapon for Barret

Let’s take for an example that Stamps 1 and Stamps 2 weapon banner is featuring the Murasame 5-star weapon for Cloud the Microlaser 5-star weapon for Barret respectively, when you click on the “stamp sheet” option you will then be shown your “card progress” and will be able to see your stamp sheet progress.

Where to click to see your Stamp Sheet progress
Card details to see your Stamp Sheet progress

When looking at your Stamp Sheet, here are the important things to take note of:

  • Stamp Sheet is basically a “pity system” indicator
  • By collecting a number of stamps, you will progress on the sheet and be given the option to select one of the featured weapons that week
  • When looking at the Stamp Sheet above, the most important part is stamp number six because stamp number six is essentially the pity system
  • You can switch over to the Microlaser if you want to and focus on hitting that “pity stamp” for Barret’s featured weapon
Selecting between Murasame and Microlaser is possible to help players focus on which featured weapon they want to get via Stamp Sheet progression
  • DO NOT do a single pull while doing this banner because you will NOT earn any stamps this way
  • To earn six stamps does not necessarily requires you to do six 10-pulls; you would be considered very unlucky to have to pull six times to earn that sixth stamp
  • Every time you do a 10-pull, you will earn either one stamp (which has a 50% probability) or more (we can see the picture below to see the probability of getting more than 1 stamp progression)
Getting 12 stamps in a single 10-pull session has a 1% probability
  • Basically, it’s a 50% chance to get more than 1 stamp progression
  • When you get a 12 stamps while doing a 10-pull, you complete the progression of your Stamp Sheet – You will then progress to the second page of your Stamp Sheet where you can obtain MORE 5-star weapons

As you progress your Stamp Sheet to “page 2” you will see that besides getting the featured 5-star weapon, there are stamps that provide other 5-star weapons or gear too.

Important things to note about Stamp Sheet “page 2” system:

  • The stamps available at “page 2” of your Stamp Sheet are NOT pities of the featured weapon
  • You are not able to select a specific weapon you want

Now, after understanding the Stamp Sheet system let’s look at the drop rates for 10-pulls instead. Remember, when you do a 10-pull you will get stamps progression in your Stamp Sheet AND it is also possible to get 5-star weapons from the 10-pull you are doing. The probabilities of getting a 5-star from your pulls are quite high in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis which stands at 7.5%. Comparing the odds with other gacha games, 7.5% is actually very good.

The odds to get a 5-star is 7.5%

If we look at the individual odds closer, we can see that featured weapons have the highest odds when doing gacha pulls.

Individual odds for featured 5-star weapons are very high compared to non-featured 5-star weapons

Here are some important tips when you are doing pulls having known these individual odds breakdown:

  • Aside from the featured weapons, you can also boost 5 other weapons’ odds at the wish list setting and increase the odds of getting them in your gacha pulls to 0.8% (as seen in the picture above) from the measly 0.022% probability
  • Before doing your gacha pulls, you may edit these boosted drop rate weapons as you like
  • This feature can be use to ensure you will be able to focus your gacha pulls for a specific character at any given time
Wish list setting to increase odds from 0.02% to 0.8% for your desired weapon

Overview of the System & Final Tips for Gacha Pulling

The gotcha system involves the use of stamps, which you earn by doing 10-pulls on banners. There's a unique mechanic involving these stamps. The 6th stamp you earn lets you select a featured weapon from the banner. On top of that, the 12th stamp allows you to obtain the featured gear from the banner, which can significantly enhance a character's stats and abilities.

When you're doing these 10-pulls, the draw rates are favorable, with a 7.5% chance of pulling a 5-star weapon (or gear). The gotcha banners often feature specific weapons for characters like Cloud or Barrett, and these banners rotate regularly.

It's also important to note that pulling duplicate weapons isn't a waste. Duplicates can be used to further power up your weapons and gear, boosting their abilities and stats. However, remember that the true power of a weapon is unlocked when you acquire its 5-star version, as this is when the abilities often change and become more potent.

Overall, the gotcha system in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is geared toward acquiring powerful weapons and gear for your characters. Focusing on obtaining 5-star versions of these items and using the stamp system strategically can greatly enhance your characters' capabilities. Just keep in mind that while the gotcha system can be rewarding, it's essential to manage your resources wisely and focus on the items that will benefit your preferred characters the most.

I would like to stress on these tips AGAIN for you before your gacha pulling sessions:

  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a 10-pull instead of a single pull because you will only be able to collect stamps by doing 10-pulls
  • Use the Wish List Setting to your advantage and focus on a character you want to build
  • For Free-to-Play players, make sure to hoard some in-game currency before making your gacha pulls – You want to be able to at least be able to finish the first page of the Stamp Sheet to get the guaranteed featured weapon AND gear for the character of your liking
  • A 3-star version of a weapon can be upgraded into a 5-star version of the weapon

I hope this breakdown of the gotcha system in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis helps you navigate the game's mechanics more effectively and make informed decisions when it comes to pulling for weapons and gear. Have a great day, and may your pulls be ever in your favor!

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