October 2023 Character Tier List

Character Tier List – October 2023

Best Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis characters in the current meta, and ones to prioritize.


By going through this article we hope that you will be able to:

  • Know which characters are META at the moment
  • Characters that will be useful for your setup to tackle the Dungeon Ranking
  • Why some of the characters moved up/down the tier list from last month

We love making a fun character tier list despite the fact that there will be some gamers will be angry with our tier positioning. After close to a month playing FFVII: Ever Crisis, we are here to present to you our character tier list for this month [October 2023].

Also, check out our tier list for September 2023 for reference.

S TierSephiroth
Cloud Strife
Lucia Lin
A+ TierZack Fair
Tifa Lockhart
Aerith Gainsborough
A- TierMatt Winsord
B+ TierGlenn Lodbrok
Barrett Wallace
B- Tier
Note: Please don't hunt us down because your favourite character is not at the right tier according to you

Events that’s affecting the shift in the META

Currently, there is an important dungeon ranking event that’s going on and the very first tip given by the developers to tackle the battles in the 1st ever ranking event is to take advantage of ice and fire elemental attacks.

Thus, with the current featured banner, players will be able to obtain effective weapons to tackle the dungeon ranking event at Mako Reactor 1.

Tier List breakdown

S Tier Characteristics

S-tier characters in the list are considered best units to be used in the game at the moment. At the moment, Sephiroth and Lucia have access to new weapons such as Edged Wings and Bald Eagle respectively.

With these weapons, they are can be very versatile in a team where Sephiroth can be the main DPS to kill bosses and meanwhile Lucia can be a team enabler to debuff the enemy so they will receive increased damages from ice attacks.

A Tier Characteristics

A-tier characters listed here are still very strong, but they may not be as versatile or powerful as S-tier units in the current META. Nevertheless, these units are able to be included in a team to fulfill important roles. For example: even with Sephiroth’s and Lucia’s new weapons, Zack and Red XIII can still be built in a way to dish out fire damage towards the enemy and Aerith, Matt and also Tifa has access to AoE healing skills to fulfill the supporting role within a team.

B Tier Characteristics

B-tier characters like Glenn and Barrett are still considered good units, but they are not as strong as S-tier or A-tier units at the current META. We believe things will definitely change in the coming weeks as new events, weapons and also dungeon ranking pops up.

Highlighting the Changes of Characters’ Tier


  • We apologize, Red is actually an awesome character with his new weapons like Seaside Collar which turns Nanaki into a lightning team enabler
  • With Seaside Collar, a “lightning team” will deal even more damage when the enemy is already weak to lightning in the first place
  • We also found out that Rage Collar is one of the strongest single-target Fire damage weapon
  • Nanaki with Rage Collar is great with the current dungeon event AND also very useful to farm Shiva for players who are currently grinding in “end-game-mode”
  • We move Nanaki to A+ Tier from the B- Tier


  • The new character introduced in this tier list
  • Sephiroth with his new toys can be a very dependable single DPS boss deleting hero
  • Does not depend heavily on other units for utility because he can sustain himself as well as buff his own attacks pretty well
  • His currently featured weapon “Edged Wings” farms the current dungeon ranking event very efficiently
  • He is the One-Winged-Angel… Enough said…


  • One weapon: Bald Eagle
  • Much like Red’s Seaside Collar, Bald Eagle increases the “Ice Team’s” overall damage when active
  • With the current event and also grinding Ifrit, this weapon packs a punch

Aerith and Matt

  • Very important characters that brings indispensable support and utility to the team but with the current META, DPS characters runs the show and
  • Some stages can be completed without healers
  • We are not saying these characters with Fairy Tale and Prime Numbers are bad, we are saying that because the current META demands us to build effective DPS units – supportive units falls off in priority when it comes to investing our limited resources


  • Let us be clear, he’s not bad because he fell down a couple of tiers
  • It’s just that currently, there are many enemies weak towards lightning and Red XIII somehow shines in these battles and
  • The current dungeon found favor towards both Lucia and also Sephiroth because of their new weapons
  • Barrett needs more love in the coming events

We hope you enjoyed our character tier list for October 2023 and we’ll see you in the next write-up where we’ll be breaking down builds, news and also updates for the game that will be coming soon. Good luck at the Dungeon Ranking event and have fun.

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