NEW Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Event fixes its EXP problem; New Red and Lucia weapons

Today, let's take a deep dive into the latest EXP event that's causing ripples of excitement in the realm of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Whether you're a seasoned player navigating the intricacies of materia or a fresh face on the Steam platform, there's something for everyone in this game-changing event.

So, what's the buzz all about? Well, imagine a world where the grind becomes a thing of the past, where leveling up feels like a breeze, and the rewards are as bountiful as a treasure chest in Midgar. That's the essence of this new EXP event, and trust me, it's a breath of fresh air for the entire player community.

Golden Bomb EXP Event

First things first, the event introduces a set of stages that promise an absurd amount of EXP. Whether you're a free-to-play warrior or someone who occasionally dips into in-game purchases, these stages offer a remarkable return on investment. Take, for instance, the Golden Bomb Six stage, where free-to-play players can revel in a staggering three times EXP boost, yielding a hefty 22k EXP per clear.

But it's not just about the experience points. Guild drops are nothing to scoff at, and the introduction of bomb bomb coins adds an extra layer of excitement. These coins can be exchanged for character fragments, addressing the perpetual struggle for stat stream upgrades, especially for us free-to-play enthusiasts.

And here's the kicker – the beauty of this event doesn't end there. Daily bonuses, like the Golden Bomb one a day, shower you with 777,000 EXP, making your leveling journey even more exhilarating. Blue crystals? Yeah, they've got those covered too.

Now, let's talk strategy. For Steam players, this is an opportune moment to catch up. Post-Sephiroth event, focus on maximizing your gains through this EXP bonanza. It's the perfect time to grind a little less and gain more bang for your buck.

Sure, the event might be a respite, a calm before the storm, as we anticipate the impending release of Rebirth in the coming weeks. But for now, let's savor the downtime and make the most of this event.

In conclusion, kudos to the devs for throwing us a bone in the form of this event. It's a chance for us to save those hard-earned resources and gear up for what lies ahead, especially considering the looming possibilities of collaborations and future banners.

Now that we've basked in the glow of the EXP event in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, let's unravel the other gems that the recent update has bestowed upon us. Trust me, it's not just about leveling up – there's a treasure trove of exciting content awaiting us.

NEW Weapons for Lucia and Red XII

The update has introduced a set of new weapons for our beloved characters, including Lucia and Red XIII. While opinions on these banners may vary, especially for free-to-play warriors, the real standout here is the potential for these weapons to serve as outstanding sub-weapons for our more affluent comrades, the whales. Their R abilities are no joke, offering substantial boosts in both magic and elemental abilities.

But hey, don't worry if you're not diving into these banners headfirst. For free-to-play enthusiasts, it might be wise to sit this one out and consider saving those precious resources for future collaborations or reruns, keeping in mind the timeless power of collab weapons from events past.

And that's not all, my friends. The update brings forth an event that caters to both Steam players and newcomers alike. It's not just about leveling up characters; it's about a strategic grind that offers not only EXP but also valuable resources like guild drops and bomb bomb coins, ensuring that your stat stream upgrades are well within reach.

In the midst of all this excitement, let's not forget the upcoming Rebirth event, set to release in approximately six weeks. This event, shrouded in mystery, promises to bring a storm of content, possibly including new summons, fight events, dungeons, and a generous influx of crystals – a collaboration with Rebirth that might redefine our Ever Crisis experience.

Lastly, keep an eye out for potential collaborations on the horizon. With Advent Children gracing theaters once again, who knows what surprises the developers have in store for us? A collaboration could be in the works, bringing new characters, weapons, and perhaps even a fresh storyline into the mix.


In summary, fellow adventurers, this update is not just a calm before the storm; it's a strategic pause, a chance for us to catch our breath and prepare for the exciting developments that lie ahead. Whether you're a seasoned player or a fresh face in Midgar, there's something for everyone in this update. So, gear up, level wisely, and brace yourselves for the adventures yet to unfold in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Happy gaming, and may the Mako energy guide you to victory!


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