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Your complete guide to the Materia system in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis: Stats, synthesis, upgrading, equipping, the end game grind, and more.

It’s time to create a guide everyone has been waiting for here at, a guide that I believe is a challenging one to explain to the game’s player base. While I will try my best to break things up into manageable sections for you all, I expect that the information shared here will have something missing here and there – As we progress in weeks to come, I will then simply give an update of this guide for you all. Nevertheless, in this article it is expected that you should be able to answer the following:

  • Where can you get materias?
  • What you should do with materias?
  • What are important sub-stats to look out for in your materias?
  • What is the synthesis process to upgrade your materia?


In the period of playing since launch day, we jointly agree here at that grinding materia is “The End Game” mode for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. For those who are familiar with Genshin Impact’s Artifact System and Honkai: Star Rail’s Relic System, the process of getting the best materia is akin to those mentioned systems where you’re constantly hunting for the best sub-stats within a materia and you’re always using trash/garbage materias as fodder.

For Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, it’s not about getting those 5-star artifacts/relics with many flat stats that doesn’t help your character – It’s about getting those sweet sub-stats that compliments the character you’re building. In the same way, the materia system is like that and requires a LOT of grind.

Click on enhance from the UI and you’ll see both materia and synthesis
Click on enhance from the UI and you’ll see both materia and synthesis

Having made clear that we believe that materia grinding is suppose to be “The End Game” activities for players, therefore:

  • You don’t need to open all the slots in synthesis; three (3) slots is more than enough for those who are still grinding materials to level up main weapons, character stream and sub-equipment
  • Never focus on materia before upgrading other things for your characters firsts
  • Materia grinding is heavily dependent on the RNG gods and will demand a large chunk of your stamina; focusing on materias before getting level 90 weapons for your main and sub equipment slots will be detrimental to your account and progression

Materia Basics

Expanding the materia’s storage size is low priority
Expanding the materia’s storage size is low priority
  • You will be constantly using 1-star and 2-star materias as fodder which makes expanding the materia storage very low priority
  • Green materias are magic materias
Green materias are magic materias
Green materias are magic materias
  • Yellow materias are physical materias
  • Both magic and physical materias can be in various elements
  • Use yellow materias for physical DPS characters
  • Use green materias for magical DPS characters
  • You will be able to synthesis materia as the game progresses (the main way to get materias)
  • Grinding materials for materia synthesis can be found at Solo Content> Enhancement Quest> Synthesis Quest> Materia Synthesis
  • Grinding these materials requires stamina and we recommend that materia grinding should be done AFTER other upgrades has been done like character levels, weapon levels and so on
Completing each stage for the first time will give you a free materia
Completing each stage for the first time will give you a free materia
  • Other means of getting materia is through the medal exchange shop
  • Although materias are available to be purchased using crisis medals, you will get most of your materias via synthesis
Medal Exchange Shop
Medal Exchange Shop

The Synthesis System

Use the synthesis system to assist you with getting decent materias to defeat a boss fight you’re struggling with. For example, let’s say you’re having a hard time facing Ifrit, you should proceed with synthesizing both blizzard materias and also blizzard blow materias to help you win against the Ifrit fight more effectively. If you’re struggling against an enemy that requires certain sigils you don’t have, you can craft materias to help you in your team’s current weaknesses.

Some important things to know about synthesis:

  • Synthesizing materias can result in getting anything from a 1-star materia to a 5-star materia
  • The end result of synthesizing is totally dependent on RNG of the game
  • Once you get your materias, ALWAYS look at the sub-stats
An Aerora materia that has decent sub-stats
An Aerora materia that has decent sub-stats
  • Sub-stats to aim for yellow materias are: ATK% alongside with HP%, MDEF% and DEF%
  • Sub-stats to aim for green materias are: MATK% alongside with HP%, MDEF% and DEF%
  • Naturally, sub-stats to aim for materias that involves healing: Heal + ATK%/MATK%  alongside with HP%, MDEF% and DEF%
  • Flat stats are good for early game but percentage (%) modifiers trumps flat stats towards the end game where character levels are higher with higher stats
  • You don’t need to fret about not getting the perfect materia today, this game is meant to be played as a marathon and eventually those materias with great sub-stats will come to you
  • Once you get a materia you love, DON’T FORGET TO LOCK IT!!
  • Click at the Recipe Book for more information about the materia you’re thinking of synthesizing
  • When you clock on it, you will be  able to dictate the exact quests you need to grind for every materials needed before synthesize
Location of the recipe book mentioned earlier
Location of the recipe book mentioned earlier

How to Improve Your Chances of getting 2-star to 5-star Materias

Additional material – Synth Catalyst
Additional material – Synth Catalyst
  • By using additional material: Synth Catalyst, you’ll be abe to guarantee a 2-star or a 3-star materia
  • Using more additional materials will increase the rarity of the guaranteed materia and sub-stats that are guaranteed will also be added
  • We also found out that the usage of additional materials to be added during synthesis is different between materias
  • More testing are to be followed as we do not understand why the Synth Catalyst gives different upgrade values between different types of materias
  • The longer the timer is set when you synthesis a materia, the more likely the materia will be of higher rarity
  • There’s nothing you can really do about the timer for each synthesis; It’s totally dependent on the RNG gods’ mood and feelings towards you
Synthesis timer
Synthesis timer
  • If it’s a great materia, the game forces you to wait longer before obtaining it
  • If it’s a garbage materia, you’ll have to wait still but within a shorter period of time

Rule-of-Thumb when Equipping Materia

I personally follow a simple rule when I equip materias to my characters:

  • What type of character is he/she? – Does physical damage or magical damage?
  • Let’s take Aerith as an example, since she has a very high magic stat the team will benefit more when she is equipped with magic attack abilities
  • I then look at the weapon equipped (let’s say Sun Umbrella), her weapon  also increases MATK +20% (2nd and 3rd slot) – This increase goes specifically and directly to the materia
Make sure you slot in the materia on the correct spot
Make sure you slot in the materia on the correct spot
  • Any character who has high physical stats – use physical attack percentage materias and inserted in the correct slots within the equipped weapon
  • Any who's basically a magical user – focus on magic attack percentage (%) modifiers
  • For your bastions or tanks, just stack as much HP and DEF/MDEF as possible

Upgrading Materia to Increase Sub-stats Value

5-star Materia
5-star Materia
  • Sub-stats are upgraded randomly as you level up your materia
  • It’s possible to get a 5-star materia but with trash substats
  • A 3-star materia can become a 4-star materia
Upgrading Ruin Blow to Ruinra Blow
  • Upgrading also increases the C-ability damage potential
  • Developer’s plans for materia are still unknown for us player but we believe that there will be more additional materials to be used and more powerful skills/spells to unlock when upgrading materias in the future

Bonus TIPS About Materia

The Debrave Materia
The Debrave Materia
  • By advancing in the story of this game, we will eventually obtain a unique materia called “Debrave”
  • This materia lowers an enemy’s physical attack – Much like one of Tifa’s weapon (Have you checked out our weapon tier list?)
Debrave can not be obtained through synthesis
Debrave can not be obtained through synthesis
  • Can not be obtained any other way
  • If you accidentally used this as fodder… Well… Too bad for you
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