Sub Weapon Guide: Best Weapons Your PATK & MATK Builds


As a continuity for our character build series, we are including this Sub Weapon guide to help gamers to know more about how to equip Sub Weapons properly and also understand which weapon works best together in the Sub Weapon slot.

This guide is basically acts as a general rule to build your character based on YOUR decisions of how you want your character’s role to be. For example, if you look at our Red XIII (Nanaki) build or our Zack build, readers will notice that we discuss heavily on the main two (2) weapons only. We intend to show that to build a character in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the main two weapons will dictate what role your character will be in your team and sub-weapons are used based on your collection and to support the build you have decided earlier.

In this guide, we hope that our readers are able to:

  • Know the best sub-weapons to use for PATK builds
  • Know the best sub-weapons to use for MATK builds
  • Understand that sub-weapons are flexible and it’s to support the main build of the character
Manual equipping for subs is better sometimes because auto setup does wonky stuffs like this

List of Sub Weapons that are best for PATK builds

  • Bald Eagle (also Boost Ice Pot.)
  • Motor Drive (also Boost Wind Pot.)
  • Falchion (also Boost Wind Pot.)
  • Glaireid (also Boost Limit Break Pot.)
  • Broadsword: Axis (also Boost Lightning Pot.)
  • Murasame (also Boost Lightning Pot.)
  • Maritime Sword (also Boost Water Pot.)
  • Stingray (also Boost Wind Resist)
  • Black Rifle (also Boost Crit. Pot.)
  • W Machine (also Boost Lightning Resist)
  • Full Metal Staff (also Boost Ice Resist)
For a MATK build, you want to stack that MATK boost as much as possible

List of Sub Weapons that are best for MATK builds

  • Edged Wings (also Boost Ice Pot.)
  • Absolute Royal (also Boost Ice Pot.)
  • Jiggy Fam (also Boost Earth Pot.)
  • Mythril Saber (also Boost Ability Pot.)
  • Flame Projector (also Boost Fire Pot.)
  • Wizard Staff (also Boost Lightning Pot.)
  • Sun Umbrella (also Boost Mag Ability Pot.)
  • Arc Sword (also Boost Water Resist)
  • Tiger Fangs (also Boost Crit Pot.)
  • CC Alloy Sword (also Boost Lightning Pot.)
  • Gold Collar (also Boost Earth Resist)
  • Core Defender (also Boost Water Resist)
  • Barn Swallow (also Boost Lightning Resist)

List of Sub Weapons that are best to increase ATK

  • Enemy Launcher (also Boost Phys. Ability Pot.)
  • Hardedge (also Boost Wind Resist)
  • Rest in Peace (also Boost Wind Resist)
  • V39 (also Boost Fire Resist)
  • Sonic Striker (also Boost Water Resist)
  • Crystal Sword (Z) (also Boost Fire Pot.)
  • Type-99 (also Boost Crit. Pot.)
  • Silver Staff (also Boost Ice Pot.)
  • Striking Staff (also Boost Limit Break Pot.)
  • Heavy Hauser (also Boost Ability Pot.)
  • Apocalypse (also Boost Wind Pot.)
  • Enhance Sword (also Boost Ice Pot.)
  • Apology in Hell (also Boost Ice Resist)
  • Shockbuster (also Boost Lightning Pot.)
  • Pulse Gun (also Boost Wind Pot.)
  • Noble Collar (also Boost Water Pot.)
  • Prototype Crimson Blade (also Boost Fire Pot.)
  • Shinra Blade: Model I (also Boost Ability Pot.)
  • Zweihander (also Boost Fire Resist)
  • Rage Collar (also Boost Fire Pot.)
  • Shiva Cannon (also Boost Fire Resist)
  • Buster Sword (also Boost HP)
  • Inferno Grave (also Boost Ice Resist)
  • Rifle of Levin (also Boost Water Resist)

Example: PATK Build

We take an example from one of our Tifa build guide we’ve done recently and look at a pure Physical DPS build:

Weapons: Motor Drive and Sonic Striker

  • Looking at the main weapons’ C-abilities, we can see that the sub-weapons that are suitable should be able to add more value towards the PATK and also the wind elemental damage of the character
  • Looking at the list above, we can deduce that:
    • Falchion should be the best sub-weapon because it boosts both PATK and also give Boost Wind Pot. for the character.
    • Glaireid is also a good choice as it also boost Tifa’s Limit Break Pot. in this build
  • Other sub-weapons to consider would be:
    • Bald Eagle – high boost for PATK
    • Black Rifle – gives an important Crit. Pot. Boost

Example: MATK Build

For this section, we take an example from one of our Red XIII build guide we’ve done recently and look at a hybrid MATK build:

Weapons: Gold Collar and Platinum Collar

  • Even if this is a hybrid build, we are looking to boost the MATK of this build further to take advantage of Gold Collar’s C-ability to deal magic attack to all enemies and inflicting magic debuff on them at the same time.
  • Best sub-weapons for general builds would be:
    • Mythril Saber – at the same time Boost Ability Pot.
    • Sun Umbrella – Boost Mag Ability Pot. improving Red’s C-abilities for both main weapons
  • Other sub-weapons to consider are:
    • Any other MATK boosting weapons listed above

For the next installment to our character build series, we’ll continue to look at sub-weapons also but in a more elemental focused builds for each element. Hope that this guide has helped new players and also somewhat advance players alike and see you again in for our next guide.

A. P. Raphael
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