Matt’s Holiday Cane Review


In this article, we'll review Matt's newest weapon, the Holiday Cane. This weapon is farmable within the Christmas Event. We will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Holiday Cane

Holiday Cane (Matt) [Limited]

Base Stats

[PATK: 171] [MATK: 185] [HEAL: 153] (90 OB0)
[PATK: 410] [MATK: 444] [HEAL: 214] (90 OB10)
[PATK: 427] [MATK: 462] [HEAL: 229] (90 OB+20)

The Holiday Cane has a slightly higher magic attack than Cloud's Holiday Cheer, which is a bit nice. However, it has low base stats even at maximum overboost. Despite this, it's a good weapon with great abilities


Quakera Surge A (4 ATB)

Quakera Burst [Mag. Earth]
340% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Quakera Surge A [Mag. Earth]
210% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Quakera Surge A [Mag. Earth]
240% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Quakera Surge A+ [Mag. Earth]
280% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Quakera Surge A++ [Mag. Earth]
290% Mag. Earth Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Its command ability performs AoE earth magic damage akin to Holiday Cheer. Although the ability isn't unique, if you require some AoE earth magic, this weapon is a nice addition to your arsenal. The modifier is comparable to a 5-star Quake materia, but it's less efficient as it requires 4 ATB to cast.


27 Boost MATK / 24 Boost PDEF

As for its R-Abilities, it offers a mix of offensive and defensive boosts such as Magical Attack Boost and Physical Defense Boost. It's the second free event weapon to feature a Magical Attack Boost, which is nice considering the game's previous lack of such abilities.

Support Materia Slots

ATK Boost I
ATK Boost I
MATK Boost I

It has two ATK Boost 1s and one MATK Boost 1 for support materia slots. However, these boosts aren't particularly useful, so this weapon is mostly suited for offhand and sub-weapon slots.

Sub-weapon use

The Holiday Cane truly shines as a sub-weapon in mage builds since it provides a significant amount of magical attack boost points.


coming soon!


The Holiday Cane is worth farming and investing in, even solely for sub-weapon use. The AoE earth option serves as a bonus in case you lack better alternatives. Given the scarcity of earth damage options, this weapon proves to be a valuable and welcome addition.


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