Weapon System Guide 1

Weapon System Guide

Secondary and Sub Weapons? What do they all do? The Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Weapon system fully explained to make things less confusing for everyone!

On launch week, we had the privilege to be as confused as all the other average players in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis about how the system actually works and wonder “what’s the best weapon to upgrade and build to avoid wasting our resources?” After a few days of playing the game after the launch day, we finally would like to help our readers to understand more about the weapon system in this game.

After reading this article, we expect our readers to understand the following:

  • Understand  how the weapon system works in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis
  • How does the secondary weapon and also the sub weapons affect character build

There are so many weapon slots! What do they do??

Basically, there are two (2) weapon slots in a character’s main equipment tab: The Main Weapon Slot and the Secondary Weapon Slot. For the sub equipment tab, you can equip up to three (3) sub weapons as seen in the picture below:

Weapon System Guide 1
A total of five (5) weapons can be equipped

For the main weapon slot and also the secondary weapon slot, you can only equip weapons that are designated to the character only. For example, Cloud CAN NOT equip Tifa’s gloves as a main weapon. On the other hand, for sub weapon slots ANY weapon can be equipped to boost the character’s overall stats and R-ability stats.

When you equip a main/primary weapon, the character will get 100% benefit of the weapon’s stats, C-ability and R-ability. But for secondary weapons and also sub weapons, some penalties will be enforced as shown in the table below:

Weapon slots typeCarried over statsC-Ability availabilityR-ability availability
Primary weapons100 %AvailableAvailable
Secondary weapons50 – 60 %AvailableAvailable
Sub weapons50 – 60 %Not availableAvailable (50% penalty)
Weapon’s C-ability and R-ability

Equipping secondary weapons and sub-weapons tips

  • When building a character, you want to make sure that all weapon’s that are being used R-ability compliments with each other for better min-max strategy
  • For example: if you’re building Cloud to be a Physical Damage dealer to kill bosses more effectively, you want to find weapons that has R-ability that has attack boosts, critical boosts and likewise
  • Adding Physical Defense Boost and/or HP Boost R-ability to a DPS character would be a waste
  • Sometimes focusing on R-ability stats are more crucial than just adding raw stats disregarding R-ability as a whole
  • Ask these questions to yourself when mixing and matching a character’s weapon slots:
    • What kind of attacks does your character do?
    • Do they focus on physical attacks, magical attacks or both?
    • Does the enemy you’re about the face have high physical defense? Or magical defense?
    • What are the enemy’s elemental weaknesses?
    • What C-ability does the weapon have? Is it useful for my character’s playstyle?
    • Do I want my character to be a debuffer? A DPS dealer? A hybrid DPS and healer? Make my character a full support character? Give character AOE attacks?

The reason we would like to highlight these tips is because we don’t want our readers to be confused with our justifications with our Weapons Tier List for this game. Our very own Weapons Tier List for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will just involve the Main Weapons for the characters only and we hope the readers would understand why only main weapons only after reading this write-up first.

Additionally, how you would like to build your character beginning from their secondary weapon and sub-weapons is entirely up to you based on your later summoning pulls, enemy’s you’re facing and what kind of team you will be building. Understanding the bread and butter of how stats carry over from the secondary slots and also the sub-weapon slots would be more important for you the readers before jumping into the Weapons Tier List.

Hopefully, this article clears out some of the questions you might be having about the weapons slots when building a character and please check out our Weapons Tier List after this!

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