Aerith’s Garnet’s Rod Review


In this article, we'll review Aerith's newest weapon, the Garnet's Rod. This weapon is the only weapon on it's banner which is a first. We will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Garnet's Rod

Garnet's Rod (Aerith) [Limited]
Healing Pulse (4 ATB)

Base Stats

[PATK: 166] [MATK: 200] [HEAL: 191] (90 OB0)
[PATK: 398] [MATK: 480] [HEAL: 267] (90 OB10)
[PATK: 415] [MATK: 500] [HEAL: 286] (90 OB+20)

Garnet's rod boasts a higher magical attack stat than its physical attack, making it suitable for magical builds, possibly as an off-hand weapon. In terms of healing capabilities, it ranks third, behind only the Fairy Tale and Mythril Rods. This quality proves advantageous for a healing/support-oriented build.


Ruinra Burst [Mag. Non-elem.]
420% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Healing Pulse [Mag. Non-elem.]
30s MATK Up (+10s) (Mid -> High) [Range: Single Ally]
9s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]
9% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Healing Pulse [Mag. Non-elem.]
34s MATK Up (+11s) (Mid -> High) [Range: Single Ally]
12s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]
11% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Healing Pulse+ [Mag. Non-elem.]
34s MATK Up (+11s) (High) [Range: Single Ally]
12s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]
12% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Healing Pulse++ [Mag. Non-elem.]
38s MATK Up (+12s) (High) [Range: Single Ally]
15s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]
13% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

"Its C-ability buffs a single ally's magical attack while also applying a regen effect. It marks the first instance in the game where a weapon can boost magical attack for a different party member other than the wielder. Sephiroth's Aonibi possesses the only other magical damage buff, but it exclusively benefits himself. This could potentially pave the way for expanded hypercarry options among other magical damage dealers in the future, as Sephiroth isn't the sole character capable of buffing magical attack. I'm curious to see, however, whether the buff from Garnet's Rod and Aonibi stacks or if they cancel each other out.


40 Boost HP / 36 Boost Ability Pot.

In terms of R-abilities, this one offers the run-of-the-mill HP boost and ability potency boost. The ability potency boost could prove beneficial if you manage to overboost this weapon significantly. However, it seems challenging to achieve that due to its limited status. You can't wishlist it, nor can you farm weapon parts for it, making the task an uphill struggle.

At level 90, it provides 24 points for HP boost and 9 points for ability potency boost. When maximally overboosted, it grants 40 points for HP boost and 36 points for ability potency boost.

Sub-weapon use

As I mentioned earlier, the HP boost here is mediocre. If you've already maxed out Thousand Waves and Beach Parasol from the Tonberry event, those provide better HP boosts. If, by chance, you manage to max out this particular weapon for its ability potency boost, it could be useful. However, I highly doubt that scenario would occur unless you're a whale.

Support Materia Slots

ATK Boost I
MATK Boost I
MATK Boost I

In terms of support materia slots, it offers 1 slot for PATK/MATK +10% and 2 slots for MATK +20%. These could prove beneficial for a magical/support build, but I highly doubt this weapon will primarily be used in the main hand. I would prefer equipping a healing weapon or a magic attack-focused weapon, enabling Aerith to fully benefit from the stats and boosts.


For a theoretical build, you could opt for Fairy Tale in the main hand, followed by Garnet's Rod in the off-hand. Additionally, Chocobo Staff, Guard Stick, and Thousand Waves can be utilized to maximize heal boost and provide a modest HP boost. The third sub-weapon slot can be filled with any desired weapon.

Assuming she is level 55 and all non-max weapons are at level 90 with no overboosts, her stats and bonuses would shape up as follows:

This build is specifically geared towards a healer/support role for Aerith. It allows for AoE healing while enabling the buffing of magical attack for your chosen hypercarry. Moreover, she boasts a substantial amount of HP courtesy of Thousand Waves and Garnet's Rod.


It's safe to say that this weapon is a must-pull. Its limited availability might lead to future regrets if you choose to skip it. There's no certainty of obtaining another weapon with similar capabilities. The ability to buff anyone's magical attack expands numerous team-building options for content clearing. Additionally, the rod and gear complement Aerith's appearance remarkably well. Not to mention, Dagger or Garnet is my favorite girl in FF9.


In addition to the weapon, we can also acquire Garnet's Gown, which offers 10 points in HP and heal boosts. It's a pretty nice dress for Aerith as well.

The heal boost and HP boost complement the roles we typically expect Aerith to fulfill, primarily focused on healing and support. If you used your gear ticket or chose something other than Aerith's gear when you first started, this is an opportunity to equip another gear with a heal bonus.


In conclusion, Garnet's Rod and Gown are great additions to Aerith's arsenal, further solidifying her roles as the ultimate healer and support in the game. The weapon is a must-pull, and so is the gear if you missed out on the first gear with a heal bonus.


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