General Team Building Guide

Part 1 of the Ever Crisis Character Builds Series covers how to combine your characters, weapons, and Materia to create an effective team.


Good day everyone, since we have given out some useful tools and guides for you all for the past days since launch, there are still a boat load of tips and guides for me to share with you all; I wished I had 8 extra arms and 4 brains to breakdown everything for our readers!

Today’s guide will be the first of MANY character build guides we will be serving to our beloved readers here in Before we focus on individual characters, we would first like to give out a general team building guide first to ensure you get the gist about how to combine characters, weapons, subweapons and Materias correctly.

A party consisting of Aerith, Cloud and Tifa

Even if we tell you the best build for Cloud and Zack at the moment, players will still generally struggle with the game’s content if they have no idea how to build an actual effective team to tackle those tough boss fights. That’s why I am adamant we from start off the series with answering the “How do I build a team?” question.

After reading this article, we expect our readers to:

  • Get familiar with the types of teams that are possible to be built
  • Understand what is a “Full Damage Team” to steamroll through easier contents
  • Know what a “Turtle Team” is to be successful in challenging boss fights
  • Be able to build their own team with the available weapons and resources they have

Types of Teams

Just to kick start things with team building I want to talk about some fun gaming history. During the ancient times when JRPGs were very famous in the west gamers coined the Golden Age of JRPGs to be between the PS1~PS2~PSP handheld/console era.

During this era, games like Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII & IX (PS1), Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1), Final Fantasy X & X-2 (PS2), Dragon Quest VIII (PS2), Suikoden I & II (PS1), Suikoden III, IV & V (PS2), Grandia Series, Persona Series, Breath of Fire Series, and so many more were all turn based strategy games much like Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis but in a more traditional and classical way.

Gamers around the world discusses their team building strategies through Friendster, MySpace, Yahoo Messenger and also an old dinosaur technology named ‘Internet Relay Chat’ (IRC). Some of the team builds known were as followed:

Balanced Teams

Balanced teams are a good all-around option. They include a mix of different roles, such as attackers, defenders, healers, and support characters. This type of team is versatile and can handle most situations.

Anyone fancy a girl-only-team?

Themed Teams

Themed teams are built around a specific theme, such as using only characters from a certain element or class. This type of team can be fun and challenging to play, but it is important to make sure that the team is still well-rounded and can handle a variety of threats.

Solo Teams

Solo teams are teams that only consist of one character. This type of team is very challenging to play, but it can also be very rewarding. These “teams” were only done by hardcore gamers to challenge themselves in the game.

Full Offensive Teams

Full offensive teams are designed to deal as much damage as possible in as short a time as possible. This type of team is very effective against enemies that are weak to certain elements.

Status Effect Teams

This type of team focuses on using status effects such as poison, paralysis, and sleep to debuff enemies. This can make battles much easier, especially against strong enemies.

One-Turn Kill Teams

This type of team is designed to kill enemies in a single turn. This can be done by using powerful attacks, elemental weaknesses, and buffs. One-turn kill teams are very effective against bosses and other difficult enemies.

Turtle Teams

Turtle teams are designed to be very tanky and outlast the enemy. This type of team is very effective against enemies that are strong and deal a lot of damage.

Buff/Debuff Teams

This type of team focuses on buffing allies and debuffing enemies. This can make battles much easier, especially against strong enemies. Buff/debuff teams are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

Hence, having known the types of teams that are possible in JRPG turn based games, we apply the same knowledge from the past to our game in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Even though there are many types of teams you can be building in this game, we just wanted to focus on these 3 types of teams:

  1. Full offensive team
  2. Turtle team
  3. Balanced team

(1) Ever Crisis Full Offensive Team

A team consisting of 2 main DPS characters and a magic damage dealer with a secondary healing weapon just in case of emergencies
  • The Full Damage Team prioritizes dealing high levels of damage to enemies
  • To achieve this, characters are equipped with weapons that offer potent attack skills, which can swiftly eliminate foes
  • Typically, this team includes one main healer, often Aerith
  • In this case, Aerith also assists the team in dishing out magic damage throughout the battle to clear the battle much faster
  • Sub-weapons are strategically chosen to enhance attack capabilities and survivability
  • This team is recommended for tasks such as farming or scenarios where the game's content is relatively straightforward and not too challenging
  • Use full damage teams when you’re grinding for materials and you’re able to get through the content without having any of your characters dead at the end of the battle

(2) Ever Crisis Turtle Team

The same lists of characters but with more defensive options in their secondary weapons
  • The idea of turtle teams are to drag battles long enough to survive the enemy’s onslaught of attacks while also chipping down the enemy’s HP little by little until the battle ends in victory
  • Teams like these places a strong emphasis on healing and providing support to the other team members
  • Weapons equipped by characters in this team are geared towards enhancing healing and support abilities
Zack in a turtle team has Cure Burst to help Aerith do healing
Cloud is also equipped with a weapon that gives a healing combat ability
  • Unlike the full damage team, this setup includes multiple characters capable of healing, reducing reliance on a single healer like Aerith
  • Sub-weapons are selected to augment healing or support abilities even further
  • This team excels in more demanding content where continuous and substantial healing is vital for success

(3) Ever Crisis Balanced Team

This is my favorite way to approach Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis as well as any turn-based role playing games. A balance team usually consists of proper team composition, which includes a DPS character, a healer or support, and optional debuffers and buffers. In other words, the team is not too offensive and not too defensive but rather balanced when we take into consideration each character’s role within the team. To understand how to create a balance team, we have to get to know what each character in the game is capable of:

NOTE: These roles are based on the lists of available weapons that each characters currently has in the game. The general idea of how to use each character might vary and change as more weapons are introduced in the game.

Aerith is great to be given the role of Healer/Support

  • Aerith is recommended as a primary healer and support unit
  • She can be equipped with different weapons and materia depending on whether you want her to focus on healing and buffing or dealing damage
  • Because Fairy Tale exists in the game, she is best to be in the “healer” role in any team

Barrett and Zack as DPS Options

  • Barrett and Zack can be excellent single-target DPS options in a team
  • They can be used as backups to Cloud, the main DPS character
  • With a wide range of weapons to choose from, both Barrett and Zack can also be debuffers as Cloud mows down the Boss’ HP and claim victory for the team

Cloud as the Main DPS

  • Cloud is recommended as the primary damage-dealer
  • As we have discussed in our previous articles, Cloud is just a beast when it comes to killing a boss
  • At this point, you already have a healer (Aerith), a secondary DPS dealer (Barrett/Zack) and a primary single-target DPS dealer (Cloud)

Red XIII and Tifa

  • Red XIII and Tifa are very effective debuffers
  • They can reduce defenses of enemies, making it easier for your team to deal damage
  • With Red’s new weapon, Red can be built as a Thunder weakness specialist or a versatile buffer
  • With Tifa’s new weapon, she can serve as an off-healer and debuffer
  • We are not excluding the possibility of Tifa to be the main DPS in your team
  • Building a team is totally based on your preferences and available gear to you
Dear readers, we know this exists to make Tifa a valid DPS unit

Building Your Own Team

We know we have previously given our readers tier lists for characters and weapons but to be honest, after playing this game since launch we found out that every character is viable. Team composition can vary based on the weapons you possess in your inventory.

This means your teams can change over time when you complete more events and get more free weapons from the game, do more gacha summons and begin to upgrade those weapons in your collection. We hope that after gaining some insights and knowledge about building your team in this game, you will be able to create your own full offensive, turtle and balanced team.

For the next installment of this on-going series, we’ll be showing you all individual character builds for all the characters available in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Thank you for reading this article and we’ll meet again in the next one.

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