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Thank you for coming back to for another Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis guide for new players and somewhat advance players alike. We’re picking up from where we left off from the previous Sub Weapon guide and will be discussing how to choose Sub Weapons for a more elemental damage focused build. Without further ado, we’ll be jumping straight into some lists, examples and advice/guide to help you with your elemental damage builds.

In this guide, we hope that our readers are able to:

  • Know the best sub-weapons to use for each elemental damage builds
  • Understand that sub-weapons are flexible and it’s to support the main build of the character

🔥 List of Sub Weapons that are best for FIRE damage dealers (Boost Fire Pot.)

  • Crystal Sword (Z) (also Boost ATK)
  • Prototype Crimson Blade (also Boost ATK)
  • Rage Collar (also Boost ATK)
  • Crewkicker (also Boost HP)
  • Mythril Saber (also MATK)

💧 List of Sub Weapons that are best for WATER damage dealers (Boost Water Pot.)

  • Maritime Sword (also Boost PATK)
  • Personal Style (also Boost HP)
  • Serpent Eater (also Boost HP)
  • Orthodox Raven (also Boost HP)
  • Noble Collar (also Boost ATK)
  • Grand Glove (also Boost Heal)

⚡ List of Sub Weapons that are best for LIGHTNING damage dealers (Boost Lightning Pot.)

  • Wizard Staff (also Boost MATK)
  • Murasame (also Boost PATK)
  • Shockbuster (also Boost ATK)
  • SSR1976 (also Boost HP)
  • Broadsword: Axis (also Boost PATK)
  • Seaside Collar (also Boost HP)
  • CC Alloy Sword (also Boost MATK)
  • Crystal Gloves (also Boost HP)

🌍 List of Sub Weapons that are best for EARTH damage dealers (Boost Earth Pot.)

  • Wizer Staff (also Boost HP)
  • Heavy Vulcan (also Boost MDEF)
  • Jiggy Fam (also Boost MATK)
  • Leather Collar (also Boost HP)

❄ List of Sub Weapons that are best for ICE damage dealers (Boost Ice Pot.)

  • Silver Staff (also Boost ATK)
  • Enhance Sword (also Boost ATK)
  • Bald Eagle (also Boost ATK)
  • Absolute Royal (also Boost MATK)
  • Edged Wings (also Boost MATK)
  • Defender (also Boost Heal)

🌪 List of Sub Weapons that are best for WIND damage dealers (Boost Wind Pot.)

  • Apocalypse (also Boost ATK)
  • Pulse Gun (also Boost ATK)
  • Motor Drive (also Boost PATK)
  • Falchion (also Boost PATK)

Why Elemental Damage Builds Are Superior

Basic attack damage x Stance multiplier x Elemental weakness x Skill multiplier x Elemental damage multiplier x buffs/debuffs

  • Meanwhile, for non-elemental attacks, the formula becomes:

Basic attack damage x Stance multiplier x Crit multiplier x Crit potency x Skill multiplier x buffs/debuffs

  • If the enemy is weak against an element and your character has been built specifically to take advantage of that weakness, the damage output will surpass a general build that mismatch the elemental weakness or is non-elemental
  • Elemental attacks has two (2) major factors that adds into the total damage at the end of the skill/attack which are “Elemental Weakness (of the enemy)” and “Elemental Damage Multiplier (your character)”
  • We advise that if you’re struggling in a boss fight or an event boss, take advantage of its elemental weaknesses and setup your sub-weapons to support your main build’s elemental pot.

Example: Building an Ice-Damage-Boss-Killer-Young-Sephiroth

Main weapon to deal Ice Damage for Young Sephiroth: Edged Wings
If you have Edged Wings Training Garb, it is a bonus to this build

Weapons: Edged Wings and Aonibi

Aonibi is best used as a secondary weapon for Young Sephiroth
  • If you’re building a character specializing in ice damage (magic), appropriate sub-weapons should be as followed:
    • Silver Staff, Enhance Sword & Bald Eagle – these weapon not only Boost Ice Pot., they also Boost ATK to further boost Sephiroth’s damage output
    • Absolute Royal – is arguably the best sub-weapon for this build because it has Boost Ice Pot. AND also Boost MATK for Young Sephiroth
    • Sub-weapons that further boost MATK in general are also a welcoming addition for this build (please refer to our previous guide on sub-weapons for PATK and MATK builds)

The general idea when using the list is to first answer these questions:

  • What is your elemental build you’re aiming at? (fire/ ice/ earth/ lightning/ water/ wind?)
  • What are the weapons that can further increase the elemental pot. for your build? (refer list)
  • Do you have these weapons? (check your game account)
  • Do you have the resources to upgrade these weapons?

Followed by the next actions:

  • Use sub-weapons that support your main build – PATK, MATK and/or elemental pot.
  • Mix and match sub-weapons based on your collection while referring to the list from both our sub-weapon guides
  • Always prioritize to invest your resources on the MAIN WEAPON first as upgrading the main weapon increases the C-abilities damage output (or heal, debuff effect and so on)

In the next guides, we will continue with our character build series and we hope that our readers are able to refer to the sub-weapon guides when it comes to answering the question “What sub-weapons should I use for build X or build Y.” Thank you for supporting us here at by visiting our guides for you every now and then and it’s a joy to say that we are working on more guides for you in the coming weeks.

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