Sephiroth’s Kuja’s Spirit Blade Review


In this article, we'll review Sepiroth's newest weapon, the Kuja's Spirit Blade. This weapon is a solo weapon on its banner. We will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Kuja's Spirit Blade

Kuja's Spirit Blade (Sephiroth) [Limited]

Base Stats

[PATK: 182] [MATK: 227] [HEAL: 155] (90 OB0)
[PATK: 436] [MATK: 544] [HEAL: 217] (90 OB10)
[PATK: 455] [MATK: 567] [HEAL: 232] (90 OB+20)

In terms of base stats, it ranks second among his weapons for magical attack, next only to Edged Wings. This is good since it deals non-elemental magical damage. Not surprisingly, it has average physical and healing potency.


Flare Star (4 ATB)

Ruinra Burst [Mag. Non-elem.]
400% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Flare Star [Mag. Non-elem.]
340% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: All Enemies]
20s MATK Down (+6s) (Mid) [Range: All Enemies]
20s PATK Down (+6s) (Mid) [Range: All Enemies] [Condition: Self 50-100% HP]
10% Crit Rate [Range: All Enemies]

Flare Star [Mag. Non-elem.]
390% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: All Enemies]
22s MATK Down (+7s) (Mid) [Range: All Enemies]
22s PATK Down (+7s) (Mid) [Range: All Enemies] [Condition: Self 50-100% HP]
10% Crit Rate [Range: All Enemies]

Flare Star+ [Mag. Non-elem.]
480% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: All Enemies]
26s MATK Down (+8s) (Mid -> High) [Range: All Enemies]
26s PATK Down (+8s) (Mid -> High) [Range: All Enemies] [Condition: Self 50-100% HP]
10% Crit Rate [Range: All Enemies]

Flare Star++ [Mag. Non-elem.]
540% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: All Enemies]
30s MATK Down (+10s) (Mid -> High) [Range: All Enemies]
30s PATK Down (+10s) (Mid -> High) [Range: All Enemies] [Condition: Self 50-100% HP]
10% Crit Rate [Range: All Enemies]

Its C-ability is unique since it's the first weapon in the game to have a conditional effect depending on the holder's HP. If Sephiroth's HP is above 50%, it debuffs the enemy's physical attack along with magical attack with moderate potency. The potency doesn't reach high levels even at max overboost, so keep that in mind. It could open up a flexible debuffer role for Sephiroth, but I think the HP condition is clunky.

Personally, I don't like the mechanic, though I could see why one would want to run this weapon in a build because of its flexibility.


40 Boost MATK / 24 Boost Ability Pot.

Its R-abilities boost magical attack and ability potency by 24 points and 6 points, respectively. At max overboost, they provide 40 points and 24 points instead. This is Sephiroth's second weapon to offer a magical attack bonus, making it very beneficial for magical builds, alongside Edged Wings. If you haven't built Aonibi yet, this is a good off-hand weapon to equip alongside Edged Wings.

Sub-weapon use

For subweapon use, it is excellent for magical builds. There hasn't been a weapon yet to break the 24-point MATK boosting cap, so this is the next best thing for non-elemental magical builds. If you can attain some overboost levels on it, the ability potency boost could be significant, but at level 90, it doesn't offer much.

Support Materia Slots

MATK Boost I
MATK Boost I
▲ Sigil Boost I

As for support materia slots, it has two MATK +20% slots and a Triangle Sigil damage boost. This means it's not a bad idea to equip this as a main hand weapon to take advantage of these slots.

Material needed for upgrade:

Genome Pod


coming soon!


Is this weapon worth pulling for and investing in? Yes! It's a unique weapon that can debuff both magical and physical attack. Who know when we will get a similar weapon in the future. Plus, this is a limited weapon so all the more reason to pull on the banner.


The gear featured in the banner is Kuja's attire. It provides a 10-point increase in HP and boosts magical ability potency. It looks great on Sephiroth, and the R-ability boosts are relevant to magical builds. If you don't need the ice or wind boost from his other gear, this is a great equipment choice, especially if you aim to enhance his magical damage.


Kuja's Spirit Blade holds a lot of potential for a flexible debuffer role for Sephiroth. It is a good weapon for magical builds, either as a main hand or off-hand weapon. It can also be effective as a sub-weapon. Overall, it's a very good weapon with that offers a unique mechanic.


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