Reroll Guide

Start your Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis journey in this detailed guide to rerolling the ideal weapons and gear!

By the time you finish reading this article, you should be able to know:

  • How to actually re-roll in the game
  • Why the re-roll process of this game does not suck
  • Which banners to choose from while re-rolling
  • What are the things to look out for when you are re-rolling

The Re-roll Process

For those who are playing gacha games for the first time, "re-rolling" refers to the act of creating multiple accounts and repeatedly summoning characters or items until you get the desired result. In Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, players will be summoning (or pulling) for weapons and gears many many many times to their hearts content before even starting playing the first mission.

Veteran gacha game players who wants to start their gaming account with the best possible starting point will always do the re-roll process every time. Commonly, you will need to create a new account and then complete the tutorial until you unlock the summoning feature. Once you have unlocked the summoning feature, you can use the in-game currency to summon characters or items. If you do not get the desired result, you can delete the account and create a new one.

This process is a pain and not everyone is willing to go through the suffering of playing the tutorial again and again and again and again. THANKFULLY, the process of re-rolling seems really easy in this game:

  1. You start playing Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
  2. From your in-game mail, you claim all the pre-registration rewards
  3. Go and do gacha pulls (summoning) with whatever you have as soon as you are able to in the game
  4. If you are happy – Keep the account and continue playing
  5. If you are not happy with the summons – You will be able to hit the delete account button and start a new one
  6. Repeat steps one (1) and onwards


  1. Go to Menu and select to Title Screen
  2. Go to Menu again and select Reset Game Data
  3. Skip the Tutorial
  4. Claim the rewards after going through the first free summons and a the weapon enhancement tutorial
  5. Draw from the Featured banner

With the developers making the “delete account button” available, this means that the players who are doing re-rolling:

  • Will not need to make hundreds of Google accounts
  • Gamers will not have to go through the pain of uninstalling and reinstalling the game numerous times

NOTE: The delete account button was there during the BETA testing and I will update this write-up when there are any changes during launch.

What Should We Aim for When Re-rolling?

Taking into account the pre-registration rewards, players should be getting more than 10 multi summoning opportunities based on the rewards itself which consists of summon tickets and premium in-game currency.

Before doing any gacha sessions, players should understand that:

  • This is a PvE (Players versus Enemy) game that enables you to make effective end-game high tier teams with the FREE characters provided using several different weapons
  • Players are able to create many variants of team combinations that is viable even at the “end-game” part of FFVII: Ever Crisis

Although the above statement is true, players are still in need of a couple of strong summons to start off with before starting their adventure in the game. Therefore, the best use of your premium currency at the beginning of the game when re-rolling is spending them on featured banners.

In my previous write-up about gacha guide for the game, we had a Cloud/Barret featured banner during BETA testing, and there was a “pity system” on those banners. You will want to take advantage of progressing in your Stamp Sheet as the focus of your re-rolls:

  • Progressing at stamp 6 with the least 10-pull sessions possible
    • you are guaranteed to get to select one of the featured weapons on the banner, and you will pity it on stamp 6
  • Progress to stamp 12 where you get the featured gear
    • Gear was much harder and much rarer to get in BETA testing than the weapons
    • Other ways to get gear was through story content
  • When you do a multi-pull, you will get one stamp for the card (45% probability). However, there's a chance to get three stamps for the card (15.92% probability), going all the way up to get all 12 stamps (0.01% probability)
  • When you get 12 stamps from a single 10-pull sessions, you essentially clear the Stamp Sheet immediately and you get the weapon that you chose and you get the piece of gear WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF PREMIUM CURRENCY USED!!

That would technically be your most efficient re-roll option; CLEAR the 1st page of the Stamp Sheet with the given premium currency getting the 5-star weapon AND the 5-star gear of your choice.

Let’s say I’m going to do some re-rolls, I will just be making sure most of my early multi-pulls on those banners are not one stamp; I want like three or six stamps from a single 10-pull session. BASICALLY, I WANT MULTIPLE STAMPS, the more the better. I just want to make sure that I clear the banner’s Stamp Sheet, the one that I selected using the pre-registration rewards only – that’s the ideal situation.

Which Character to Focus on While Doing Re-rolls?

For full details on all the currently available characters, check out our Tier List:


  • He's very cool
  • Cloud’s Masamune combined with his lightning damage up gear can come clutch in killing bosses
  • You will be forced to use Cloud many times during your progress through the main story quests

Characters with AOE Healing

Matt’s 5-star “Prime Number” weapon with the Healing Shower ability
  • Technically speaking, there are four characters in this game that can AOE heal
    • CloudAerithMatt
    • Red XIII (ignore this since this character has the least powerful AOE heal compared to the other 3)
Aerith’s 5-star “Fairy Tale” weapon with the Curaga A ability
  • Since Cloud will be used mainly as a DPS unit and Red XIII is a weak healer, that leaves us with the other two (2) units: Aerith and Matt
  • Re-roll for “Fairy Tale” for Aerith
  • Re-roll “Prime Number” for Matt
  • With Aerith/Matt focusing on AOE healing, your other characters can focus on killing the mobs and killing the bosses
  • You basically only need ONE (1) dedicated healer so just re-roll for either “Fairy Tale” or “Prime Number”

Final Words

Re-rolling can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but it can be worth it if you are really determined to get the weapon for META characters. However, it is important to remember that there is no guarantee that you will get the desired result, even if you re-roll multiple times.

Whether or not to re-roll is a personal decision. Some players find it to be a worthwhile investment, while others prefer to just play the game and see what they get. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to re-roll is up to you.

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