Live Stream Summary – Ever Crisis Coming to PC on Steam!

In Japan, Square Enix did a live broadcast of what's to come in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. We've compiled all the information for you below!

New Story: The First Soldier and Young Sephiroth

Glenn and Lucia to feature in the new First Soldier story.

Young Sephiroth will be a new character on September 28th.

Regular Sephiroth will be a Raid Boss players can fight on October 6th.

We will be getting more new chapters early next month as well as a Halloween event.

Dungeon Ranking

Dungeon Ranking to start on September 28: Win battles quickly and try not to use items so you get a higher score and defeat all bosses. Weakness to Fire and Ice.

Ranking rewards for the Mako Reactor: Top 10 people gets Red "Title plate" and 20 Gacha tickets, top 100 people get a Green "Title plate" and 20 Gacha tickets and those who get 101st place and over will still get Gacha tickets and materia synthesis.

Stamina Rework

1 Stamina recovered every 2 minutes, obtain 3 Stamina Tonics instead of 1.

PC Client on Steam

Ever Crisis Steam

Under development - no further information.


  • 5 Gacha tickets, 1000 Blue Crystals and 20 Stamina for all players
  • 5 star Sephiroth weapon to be given on September 29th