Abandoned Factory Hard Critical Dungeon Guide

Sahagin PrinceImmunities: None
ATK Up with Amp Up. Grants all allies MDEF Up with Declaration of Frequently grants self ATK Up, DEF Up, and War.
blue dragonBlue DragonImmunities: Darkness / Silence / Stun / Fog / MDEF Down Uses many ice-element magic attacks including Blue Dragon Screech. Inflicts fog with Fog Breath.FireIce
Icy RavenImmunities: MDEF Down Uses ice-element physical attacks. Grants self Ice Potency Up and Physical Resistance and inflicts Fire Resistance Down on self with Icy Veil. Physical attacks are effective against this enemy. Magic attacks are effective for destroying sigils.Fire, Wind
LevrikonImmunities: Darkness/Fatigue

Uses many earth-elemental physical attacks. Inflicts fatigue with Mud Shower and stun with Stone's Throw.
GallonbaloirImmunities: Stun 
ATK changes based on Force Gauge: Charge. The gauge can be depleted with damage. Restores own HP during stream phase Mend. Abilities that deal great damage and buffs like DEF Up are effective against this enemy.
FireLightning, Water


Permanent Rewards:

Many enemies in this area are weak to fire, making Glenn and Red great choices to bring along. Additionally, most of the enemies are vulnerable to defense debuffs, so having a defense breaker like Tifa would also be beneficial.

Team Building Guide:

  • 100 Blue Crystals


Blue Dragon

From the start, go northwest and push the boxes to open up a path. Go ahead and fight the first symbolic enemy: the blue dragon. It is weak to fire and immune to ice. It isn't a very hard fight as long as you cancel its 'on the hunt' attack.

The dragon is accompanied by two castanets. Defeat the mobs first before you deal with the dragon. Without any trance abilities, it can take longer to take down the dragon without defeating the mobs.

You can choose among the trance abilities. I suggest picking the middle one if you have any magical damage dealers. If not, choose the magical defense bonus.

Next, head northeast and open the two chests containing a cottage, 6 ethers, and 100 Blue Crystals. Don't use the cottage yet; save it for when you really need it. Head east, then south, to fight the second symbolic enemy.

Icy Raven

The Icy Raven is weak to fire and wind attacks. It uses circle and cross sigils for its attacks. It is accompanied by two elite sentries, which are also weak to fire. Go ahead and summon Ifrit if you brought him to the fight to easily get rid of the mobs. If not, focus on them first, then target the Icy Raven.

You can choose from the following trance abilities. I suggest picking the middle one if you have physical damage dealers. If not, choose the physical defense buff.

Head all the way to the west. You might encounter a mob there, so use the fight to fill the ATB and summon gauge. The next symbolic enemy is the Sahagin Prince. The Sahagin Prince is also weak to fire. It is accompanied again by 2 elite sentries. Summon Ifrit or any AoE summon you have to deal with them quickly. The only dangerous attack from the Sahagin Prince is 'Jump,' so watch out for it.

You can choose from the following trance abilities: I suggest getting the middle one to offset all the lightning resistance reductions we got from the previous trance abilities.

Open the nearby chest for 6 supplements and 6 potions. Go further north and open up the two chests there as well for 3 bookmarks, 3 fire cocktails, and 2 summon charges. You might encounter a pair of Rhadoran defenders and a Castanet here.


Now, go and fight the symbol enemy in the middle: the Levrikon and two Rhadoran Defenders. Focus on the Defenders first as they will buff the Levrikon if left alone. They are all weak to fire, so feel free to summon Ifrit again. The Levrikon has a very strong single-target attack in Megalith Crush. Make sure to keep your HP topped up because it can one-shot your units.

You can choose among the following trance abilities: I suggest getting the third one for a significant fire potency boost. The ice resistance reduction doesn't really matter.


If you haven't used the cottage yet, now is the time to do so. Use some fire cocktails as well and get ready to fight the final boss: Gallonbaloir. It is also weak to fire. It will open up the fight with an AoE attack that reduces the party's physical defense. You can heal the debuff or just ignore it if you can stagger the boss. It uses cross sigils.


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