Young Sephiroth’s New Weapons and Gear Review


A new update for the game and a new featured weapon banner! It’s that time again for to give our readers our thoughts, comments and answering the question: “Should you be pulling for Edged Wings and Edged Wings Training Garb?”

The Stamp Sheet featuring Young Sephiroth’s Edged Wings ends on October 10th

With the introduction of Young Sephiroth into Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, we the developers gave us a boat load of weapons for him. We are going to look into these weapons and give you some of our preliminary comments on them before we dive into builds, weapon combos and appropriate sub-weapons for Y. Sephiroth in future articles.

List of Young Sephiroth’s weapon released into the game

Special draw for light spenders/dolphins

A total of 9 new weapons for Young Sephiroth (including the featured weapon)

  1. Nameless
  2. Edged Wings
  3. Glaried
  4. Aonibi
  5. Northern Lights
  6. Prototype Crimson Blade
  7. CC Alloy Sword
  8. Mytril Type-0 Katana
  9. Shinra Blade: Model I

Nameless (free weapon we get)


  • Deals physical non-elemental damage
  • Provides a magic defense debuff
  • Solid support material, making it suitable for debuffing

Glaried (physical weapon)


  • Enhances physical attack and limit break potency
  • Offers 650% damage at max
  • 350% physical non elemental damage at 5-stars (lvl.90)
  • Great for boosting physical damage output (as a sub-weapon)

Aonibi (self-buffing weapon)


  • Frenzied Stance is an awesome skill
  • Grants a magic attack buff, regen, and heal to Sephiroth.
  • Boosts HP and ability potency
  • Ideal for selfish DPS builds
  • Magic build Sephiroth will love this weapon in the secondary slot

Northern Lights (Debuffing Weapon)


  • Inflicts a physical attack debuff
  • Decent for situations where debuffing enemy’s PATK is essential
  • Support material provides attack and physical attack boosts
  • Defensive weapon for Sephiroth

Prototype Crimson Blade (Magic Weapon)


  • Deals AOE magic fire damage
  • Boosts fire potency and attack (both physical and magic)
  • Great for wave-clearing and versatile builds
  • Decent sub-weapon for fire build Zack

CC Alloy Sword (lightning elemental Sephiroth anyone?)


  • Equips Sephiroth with AOE Thunder attack
  • Reinforcement abilities include boost magic attack and boost lightning potency
  • Offers a wide range of elemental options
  • If you got Red’s Seaside Collar, this weapons is great for lightning attack team
Red’s Seaside Collar

Mythril Type-0 Katana (self-buffing weapon)


  • Much like Aonibi but…
  • Defensive weapon – Increases PDEF
  • Grants a regen, and heal to Sephiroth
  • Boosts HP and magic ability pot.
  • Ideal for hybrid builds or defensive builds

Shinra Blade Model I (magic DPS Sephiroth enabler)

I managed to summon this weapon’s 5-star version


  • Non-elemental single-target magic attack
  • Boosts attack and ability potency
  • Suitable as a sub weapon for various builds
  • Enables Sephiroth to be a “Mage” DPS Boss Killer

Edged Wings (the Ifrit killer)


  • Single-target magic ice damage
  • At max, it reaches a whopping 800% damage
  • At 5-star (lvl.90) this weapon is not too shabby where it deals 440% magic ice damage
  • Offers valuable reinforcement abilities: Boost Magic and Boost Ice Potency
  • A strong weapon, especially against enemies weak to ice

Edged Wing Training Garb (Gear)


  • Enhances his ice damage capabilities
  • Worthy addition to your DPS Sephiroth ice damage build
  • It’s beautiful

Verdict: Should You Summon?

We did
Even got a 5-star Fairy Tale too!

In a nutshell, absolutely! This banner offers an array of powerful weapons and options for Young Sephiroth. Whether you're a free-to-play player or not, this banner is worth considering if you have the resources. Young Sephiroth's versatility and range of elemental options make him a strong contender for your team.

No regrets

If you're considering summoning, don't hesitate — Young Sephiroth’s tools and kits from all his available weapons can make him into a very strong Boss Killer DPS for your team (unless you want to stick to Cloud or Zack for that role). May RNG luck be on your side when you decide to do the summons!

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