Abandoned Factory Normal Critical Dungeon Guide

SOLDIER: Third ClassImmunities: Silence /? Fog
Inflicts ? fog with Fog. Teams up with other SOLDIER: Third Class allies to unleash a powerful ice-element magic attack. Multi-target attacks are effective against this enemy.
Sahagin PrinceImmunities: None
ATK Up with Amp Up. Grants all allies MDEF Up with Declaration of Frequently grants self ATK Up, DEF Up, and War.
G AssassinImmunities: None
Focuses attacks on the enemy it targets with Pursuit. When HP falls below a certain amount, frequently uses the powerful physical attack Vengeance.
blue dragonBlue DragonImmunities: Darkness / Silence / Stun / Fog / MDEF Down Uses many ice-element magic attacks including Blue Dragon Screech. Inflicts fog with Fog Breath.FireIce
Assault ScorpionImmunities: Poison / Darkness / Silence / Fatigue / Fog / PDEF Down / MDEF Down
Grants self MATK Up with Increase Power, and subsequently uses the powerful multi-target magic attack Tail Laser A. Inflicts poison with Poison Missiles.


Team Building Guide:

Many enemies in this area are weak to fire, making Glenn and Red great choices to bring along. Additionally, most of the enemies are vulnerable to defense debuffs, so having a defense breaker like Tifa would also be beneficial.

Permanent Rewards:

  • 5 Synth Catalyst Slivers (Dawn)
  • 5 Synth Catalyst Slivers (Day)


Start by heading north from the stage, then proceed east. Go up the stairs and continue heading east. Along the way, you might encounter a pair of icy ravens. They're weak against fire, so dispatch them quickly. Alternatively, take it slow to build up your ATB gauges.

Open the chest to find 6 supplements and 3 fire cocktails. If you continue further east, you'll confront the final boss. However, it's best to avoid that for now. Instead, backtrack to your starting point and head west into a large room populated by multiple symbol enemies.

Move a bit westward to open the blue chest containing 5 Synth Catalyst Slivers (Dawn). Then, head slightly south to collect 6 ethers and 6 potions.

Assault Scorpion

Engage in your first battle against the symbol enemy in the middle of the room; the first one will be the Assault Scorpion.

The Assault Scorpion is weak against fire but resistant to ice. It employs cross sigils in its attacks. It's immune to any form of defense debuffs, so there's no use attempting those. However, you can inflict a fire resistance debuff on it, which is recommended. Additionally, try to lower its magical attack to mitigate the damage caused by its AoE Tail Laser.

Be cautious of its poison missile attack. If one of your allies gets poisoned, prioritize healing them immediately, especially if you can't defeat the Scorpion quickly. After defeating it, you can choose from the following trance abilities. I recommend selecting the middle one since it provides the most buffs.

Sahagin Prince

Move the boxes to the south and engage the next symbol enemy: a Sahagin Prince accompanied by two G Assassins. The Sahagin Prince is weak against fire, resistant to ice, and utilizes cross sigils. It doesn't possess any immunities, so apply debuffs liberally.

If you're confident that your party can swiftly eliminate it, concentrate your attacks on the Prince and disregard the Assassins. Otherwise, prioritize defeating the two sidekicks first and second, as the Prince can enhance their attacks.

After defeating it, you can choose from the following trance abilities. I recommend selecting the middle one since it provides the most buffs.

Blue Dragon

Head west to battle the blue dragon. This one is also weak to fire and immune to ice. It also employs cross sigils. It's immune to magical defense debuffs but not physical defense debuffs, so feel free to apply those.

You can choose among these trance abilities: I recommend selecting the middle one if you don't mind a bit of healing reduction. Otherwise, opt for the fire potency +10%.

Enter the room and open the three chests to acquire a cottage, 2 summon charges, 3 Nanocube Model 1s, and 5 Synth Catalyst Slivers (Day). You might also encounter a mob fight here with 3 G Assassins. Utilize this fight to fill up your ATB gauge and prepare for the final boss.

SOLDIER: Third Class - Fury

Proceed all the way to the east to confront the final boss or bosses. Don't forget to heal up using the cottage you found and utilize some fire cocktails. When you're prepared, initiate the fight with SOLDIER: Third Class - Fury. Focus your attacks on one of the soldiers, or alternatively, unleash your AoE summons like Ifrit to damage them all simultaneously. Thanks to all the party buffs, this fight should be a bit easier.


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