Weapon Review for Aerith’s Prism Rod and Matt’s Killer Sword


We have an upcoming featured weapon and gear banner for both Aerith (AGAIN!!) and Matt this October. This information is based on some datamining skills from fan-made unofficial Discord server geniuses. You can find the Discord server invitation link and the people behind these weapons information at the end of this article.

This article will cover the following:

  • Reviewing the new weapons in the upcoming weapon banners
  • Reviewing Aerith’s and Matt’s new gears
  • Should you pull for the weapons and gears?

Prism Rod and Killer Sword Weapons Details

Available date: 10th October 2023 to 20th October 2023

Prism Rod

  • ATK : 400
  • MATK : 552
  • HEAL : 229
  • C-ability : Raging Sphere - Inflicts up to 800% Wind Magic Damage (single-target)
  • 1st R-ability : Boost HP +40pts
  • 2nd R-ability : Wind Ability Potency +36pts
  • Spt. Materia : MATK Boost I, Heal Boost I & ‘Circle’ Sigil Boost I

Killer Hornet

  • ATK : 549
  • MATK : 463
  • HEAL : 201
  • C-ability : Killing Slash - Inflicts up to 720% Non-Elemental damage (single-target)
  • 1st R-ability : Boost PATK +40pts
  • 2nd R-ability : Boost Physical Ability Potency +36pts
  • Spt. Materia : ATK Boost I, PATK Boost I & ‘Circle’ Sigil Boost I

Prism Dress and Killer Attire Details

Prism Dress

Aerith casting Healing Wind with Prism Dress
Prism Dress in action
Prism Dress chibi model
  • 1st R-ability: Boost MATK +5pts
  • 2nd R-ability: Windstrike Arcanum +10pts

Killer Attire

The Killer Attire transform Matt into a credible husbando
  • 1st R-ability: Boost HP +10pts
  • 2nd R-ability: Boost PATK +10pts

Featured Weapon and Gear Review

  • Aerith’s Prism set transform her into a very strong DPS magic dealer
  • If the next few events will rely on wind damage to get to the top rank, this set will definitely make Aerith a META unit for October 2023
  • We’re not saying that the next dungeon ranking will depend on wind elemental damage, that’s just our prediction
  • The Prism Set (or Princess Set? lol) Can be coupled with Fairy Tale nicely to make Aerith a dependable secondary DPS unit that can also AoE heal the whole team
  • Killer Set for Matt is also a nice addition to his existing flexible weapon options
  • The set makes Matt a tanky secondary physical DPS character in your team
  • Slap this weapon with Matt’s Broadsword: Axis and you get yourself an awesome physical DPS that’s also tanky (if you also get his Killer Attire that is)
  • But… We know that non-elemental attacks are good for general gameplay in Ever Crisis and elemental attacks trumps non-elemental attacks generally

Should you pull for the weapons and gears?

  • The Prism set is worth it because it’s just beautiful (GO TEAM AERITH!!)
  • With both Prism Rod and also Prism Dress, you’ll be able to make Aerith a very strong magical wind damage dealer if you choose to build her pure damage (who needs healing right??)
  • If you really like Matt’s Killer set, and have the money resources to do so, we say it’s a good set but just remember that elemental damage is king
  • Although, that sigil type damage for Matt does brings some great value for the weapon (By now, we know how valuable it is to break the boss’ attack before getting one-shot-killed)

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