Maritime Sword (Cloud) and Sun Umbrella (Aerith)

Cloud’s Maritime Sword and Aerith’s Sun Umbrella Featured Draw Weapon Review


Hey there, fellow Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis fans! We from would like to tell you that Square Enix just dropped some seriously awesome news. Square Enix surprises us with another featured weapon banner - it's a brand-new summer-themed banner that's got us hyped. Basically, we love the new weapons being featured and we would like to share to you why. This article will cover the following:

  • Details of the featured weapons and gears for Cloud and Aerith
  • Reviewing the new weapons in the featured banner
  • Should you pull for the weapons and gears?

So, in the first banner drop, we got some cool gear for Red XIII and Tifa. But now, I believe we are given an even BETTER featured weapon banners because it involves two (2) S-tier units (we’ll be dropping an updated character tier list in the coming weeks but the previously done tier list is still valid for Cloud and Aerith). Before answering the question: “Should you be trying to roll for these weapons and gears?” Let’s look at the details for each items first.

Maritime Sword (Cloud) and Sun Umbrella (Aerith)
Official featured weapon banner promo by Square Enix

Details of Cloud’s and Aerith’s New Weapons & Gears

Maritime Sword

Maritime Sword
  • ATK : 552
  • MATK : 444
  • HEAL : 208
  • C-ability: Deal 750% PHY Water damage (Single-target) which costs 4ATB
  • 1st R-ability: PATK +100/50%
  • 2nd R-ability: Water Ability Potency +120%
  • Spt. Materia: PATK +20%, PATK +20%, Sigils defeated by matching Sigil Materia during Attack Shift Count +2.

Sun Umbrella

Sun Umbrella
  • ATK : 420
  • MATK : 530
  • HEAL : 231
  • C-ability: Deal 540% MAG Non-elem. damage (Single-target) (Critical hit rate: 10%).
  • C-ability (continued): Also, Physical Defense and Magical Defense is decreased [Pot.: Mid] (Single-target) [Dur.: 25s]. [Extended: +8s] [Max. pot.: High].
  • 1st R-ability: MATK +100/50%
  • 2nd R-ability: Atk Stance Cmd. Gauge Max: Mag. Ability Potency +80%
  • Spt. Materia: PATK/MATK +10%, MATK +20%, MATK +20%.

Maritime Sailor

Cloud’s gear somehow reminded me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts
  • 1st R-ability: Boost HP
  • 2nd R-ability: Water Mastery

Sunny Robe

  • 1st R-ability: Boost HP
  • 2nd R-ability: Boost MATK

Reviewing the Maritime Sword & Sun Umbrella Weapons

Maritime Sword’s Seaplitter++ is Awesome
  • Cloud’s weapon the Maritime Sword is an excellent weapon for him
  • The weapon itself adds another dimension to Cloud’s already awesome kit by adding a water-based single-target physical DPS attack
  • Most of us are already using Cloud as our main DPS character and this weapon will only let him continue to excel in his role
  • Adding Lucia’s Serpent Eater to Cloud’s sub-equipment weapon slots will further enhance the water ability potency for his overall stats when combined together
  • From the previous banner featuring Murasame, we have witnessed how deadly Cloud can be when given the primary role of being a boss destroyer with it
  • We predict that this weapon will be in the region of S tier and A+ tier when we further test it in the coming days and weeks
Sun Umbrella’s Nightbloom gives Aerith to have a strong MATK skill to choose from
  • Aerith’s new weapon gives her the skill Nightbloom which debuffs the enemy’s physical AND magic defense
  • Considering that most of the players that will be coming here are F2P players, we would like to highlight that at only one copy of this weapon, the debuffs will be low rank
  • Nevertheless, a debuff is a debuff – It’s always useful and plays a major role in defeating your opponent
  • This weapon will enable mixed team compositions that includes BOTH physical and magical attacks between them
  • With Sun Umbrella, Aerith will have an extra utility to deal damage in fights instead of just being a support healer
  • Considering that Aerith already does crazy healing numbers with Fairy Tale, slotting in Sun Umbrella as her secondary weapon will be a welcoming for most Aerith mains out there
  • We predict that this weapon will be in the region of A+ tier when we further test it in the coming days and weeks
Worth every penny


  • If you’re thinking of building a water elemental damage Cloud, you should be aiming for both the featured weapon and gear for the best result
  • Getting a weapon for Aerith is not a waste as well since she’s already an S tier character to begin with and giving her extra toys to play with is a good thing to do
  • The aesthetics of Aerith’s featured beach gear is a 7-out-of-5 for us here in
  • For those of you who like (REALLY LIKE) Aerith and Cloud, this banner will definitely be able to boost their performance and combat to greater heights
  • Based on our internal discussions, compared to the previous recent banner, these featured weapons and gears are surely worth some extra multi-summoning sessions
  • Although this is a solid banner, we would also advice those who have very limited resources to hold your cards close to your chest for a little while
  • If you’ve been playing this game actively for the previous days, you would know which character you would like to invest more into. It’s best to use what you have and play with the characters you love instead of risking your gems on this banner only to miss out on your favorite character’s banners in the coming weeks
  • Personally for me, I really liked Aerith’s weapon and gear. Skipped Could’s banner and went for the other one instead
Stamp Sheet system is the same and has been explained in our previous articles
  • Why I went for Aerith’s kit? Having Fairy Tale in my account, her new weapon gives me the flexibility to have Aerith become a Healer/sub-DPS/debuffer character and to me that’s awesome
  • I have then created a team that consists of more DPS focused skills and it has been working wonders for me at the moment

Thank you for visiting us here at and we hope that our review this time around helped you to have a clearer understand of what’s going on and assisted you in making a decision to summon or not to summon these weapons/gear. Remember dear readers, it’s best to not fall into a gambling addiction and spend waaay too much money that’s over our budget. Play gacha games responsibly and always settle the important bills first before using anything else for fun and entertainment. Although this is a very solid banner, I just have a heart to remind gamers to use your money wisely in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

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