Guide to Finding All Cactuars in Criterion Dungeons

Where to find all Cactuars in Criterion Dungeons?

Today’s guide will teach you how to 100% all criterion dungeons
Assuming there’s no problem with the other two (2) missions, let’s see where we can find these cactuars

1. Criterion Dungeon: Mako Reactor 1

Before going into the boss fight, just walk straight ahead instead
You’ll encounter this level’s Cactuar at approximately around the red circle
Just yeet that lvl.5 cactuar and we’re ready for the next area

2. Criterion Dungeon: Fort Tamblin

At Fort Tamblin, don’t rush into the boss fight in front of you just yet
Just carefully manoeuvre carefully the boss fight and try not to trigger the event
Just go up the stairs and head towards the yellow circle area to trigger a battle with Cactuar

3. Criterion Dungeon: La’paina Coast

When you reach this area at La’paina Coast, head towards the northern area
Just continue moving forward
The Cactuar battle is just around the red circle area
After that, it’s time to eat the Cactuar for breakfast

4. Criterion Dungeon: Padapili Sea Cave

At Padapili Sea Cave, you would want to avoid the boss fight and move towards the north area from it
You can trigger this level’s Cactuar battle not too far from the boss spawn area just around the red circle
Time to murder this Cactuar and punish it severely because it hides in odd places from you

We hope you enjoyed this guide here at and that it was helpful for our readers that have yet to score 100% in all Criterion Dungeons. This guide was created because we realized there was not much information about the Cactuars’ location around the internet. Thanks for visiting the website and we look forward meeting you again in the next write-up.

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