Beach Festival Fun Event Guide

The very first event in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is Beach Festival Fun with new featured Weapon banners! Here's everything you need to know, including our review of the new items and how to get them all.
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Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • Should I pull for Tifa’s new weapon and gear?
  • Should I pull for Red XIII’s new weapon and gear?

Then you’re in luck because we are here to help you get some answers to your question!

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This article will cover the following:

  • What’s the event about
  • What are the rewards we are getting by grinding through the event contents
  • Why we like these kind of events
  • Reviewing the new weapons in the featured banner

Details of the Event

Beach Fun Festival event is currently LIVE. This event started on the 10th of September 2023 at 7pm PDT/10pm ET and will end on the 28th of September 2023.

FFVII Characters chilling at the beach

Players can earn unique rewards, including a 5-Star Beach Parasol for Zack, by participating in the event. To do this, they must clear event quests to earn event currency, which can then be exchanged for rewards.

Battle screenshot in the event

In addition to the Beach Parasol, players can also earn event gear, weapons, and character-specific weapon parts. The event will also feature an exclusive seasonal story. However, players must first complete Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Chapter 1 Main Section 3 EP 1 before they can access the event.

These are the rewards that you will be able to get from the “exchange event” tab:

Zack’s 5-star Beach Parasol
  • Zack’s 5-star Beach Parasol weapon ×6
  • Draw tickets ×10
  • Tifa’s Memory ×50
  • Zack’s Memory ×50
  • Tropical Beach (Zack’s outfit) ×1
  • Zack-specific weapon part ×100
  • Nanocube Model I 3×0
  • Genome Pod X ×30
  • High-Grade Steel ×30
  • High-Grade Electrum ×30
  • High-Grade Rose Gold ×30
  • Mid-Grade Steel ×30
  • Mid-Grade Electrum ×30
  • Mid-Grade Rose Gold ×30
  • Grindstone Chunk ×30
  • Grindstone ×100
  • Power Piece ×100
  • Magic Piece ×100
  • Healing Piece ×100
  • ×1000 Gil ×50
  • ×10 Gil ∞

To get these rewards, you can complete the event missions, which include:

  • The prologue
  • The co-op mode
  • The solo content.

The co-op mode is a great way to get guaranteed drops of the event currencies that can be exchanged in the event shop. If you're looking for a challenge, you can try to complete the event missions on the hardest difficulty. This will give you the best chance of getting the rarest rewards.

We believe players are able to grind out all the items in the event shop within the time period with no problems. The event is pretty straight forward and easy in terms of difficulty. Most importantly, all of you should HAVE FUN!!

Why We Like the Casual Event

Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy this free character skin
  • Having played Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and the Final Fantasy VII original game, a side story like this makes our heart melt for the beloved FFVII characters
  • Rather than seeing them go through some brutal story arcs, a casual and fun story like these should always be welcomed by the community in my personal opinion 
  • Beach Festival Fun definitely provides players with a chance to relax and have some fun in the game – breaking up the serious tone of a game's main story just for a moment
  • Free in-game resources? Always great for players and it makes the active player base happy
Beating these cute watermelons was epic fun

New Weapons & Gear Review

Tifa’s New Weapon: Lifeguard Wraps

  • C-ability: Heals all allies up to a max of 54% of their healing potency
  • The skill costs 4 ATB (which is very cheap considering Aerith’s AOE heal costs 5 ATB)
  • This weapon can surely make Tifa a hybrid DPS-healer with a cheap AOE healing skill to go with the build
  • Players can run 3 DPS in a team and have Tifa be a DPS-healer to clear time gated battles faster
  • This weapon is also viable for new players that fails to roll for Fairy Tale and/or Prime Number
  • R-ability 1: Boost Heal R.
  • R-ability 2: Boost Fire Resist
  • Spt. Materia: PATK/MATK Boost, MATK Boost, Heal Boost
Stamp Sheet to get a guaranteed pull for Tifa’s new gear – Lifeguard Style
Tifa’s Lifeguard Style in-game

Tifa’s New Gear: Lifeguard Style

  • R-ability 1: Boost HP
  • R-ability 2: Boosts Healing Potency
  • Definitely a great pull if you adore her… Playstyle as a hybrid DPS-healer
  • The gear compliments the weapon by boosting Tifa’s healing potency to greater heights
  • The animation for the gear is awesome

Red XIII’s New Weapon: Seaside Collar

  • C-ability: Deals a max of 510% non-elemental physical damage to a single enemy. Reduces their lightning resistance, and grants Regen to self
  • The skill costs 4 ATB
  • As far as we know this is a weapon that uniquely reduce lightning resistance
  • No other weapon reduces lightning resistance
  • This weapon can combo with Cloud’s build that focusing on dealing lightning elemental damages
  • R-ability 1: Boost HP
  • R-ability 2: Boost Lightning Potency
  • Spt. Materia: PATK/MATK Boost, PATK/MATK Boost, Sigil Boost

Red XIII’s New Gear: Seaside Aloha

  • R-ability 1: Boost HP
  • R-ability 2: Boost PATK

Basically, these weapons and gears are not game breaking but add some new dimension towards team building and also individual character building. With Nanaki’s new weapon, the character tier list that we posted earlier definitely needs a rework already because now Red XIII’s weapon compliments nicely with the previous featured weapon banner for Cloud.

Additionally, If you have Tifa’s Sonic Striker (please refer to our weapon tier list article), you can make Tifa dish out some massive single-target damage while also be able to heal the team in an emergency situation with her new weapon Lifeguard Wraps. We really like this event and also the featured weapon banner and hope Square Enix and Applibot will be able to consistently give us new stuff to enjoy in the game in the near future.

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