Get a FREE Aerith Weapon and more at Final Fantasy Ever Crisis’ New Year Event


The year 2023 is coming to an end, and 2024 is almost on the horizon. The new year is always exciting in the world of gaming, especially since there are lots of events and free giveaways to celebrate the new year.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis is celebrating the new year by gifting its players a bunch of free draws, event buffs, a Yuffie boss fight, Blue Crystals, and another Aerith Weapon.

Aerith has received her share of free weapons. In fact, it always seems like she is getting one every other event! Players must really love Aerith since she receives the most love in terms of weapons, gear, and support. Poor Red XIII and Barret barely receive anything new.

Aerith's New Weapon

The aforementioned weapon, of course, is the Dawn's Prayers, which players can obtain for free by participating in the Wily Hunter Event, where Yuffie is the boss. Dawn's Prayers boasts the C. Ability: Armora Breach Surge, dealing up to 360% Non-Elemental Magic Damage to a Single Enemy and slightly reducing Phys. Defense. It also boosts Physical DEF by up to 27 points.

Players need to clear the event-exclusive quests to obtain exchangeable items such as Brush of Resolutions and Gold Scale, which can be exchanged for luxurious items at the Exchange every time you clear a quest.

Players can then use these items to obtain Dawn's Prayers weapon parts, guaranteed draw tickets, and character-specific weapon parts and memories at the exchange shop.

FREE Blue Crystals, Draw Tickets and Draws

Additionally, players can indulge in 240 FREE draws; 10 draws daily for 24 days? That's right! 24 days of free draws! How generous! But wait! There's more! Players can also obtain 100 Draw Tickets by clearing the New Year Missions, as well as 1000 Blue Crystals to help them pull for Cloud's Red Hot Katana. There's even more! A New Year Gift of 3000 Blue Crystals, a 5* Guaranteed Draw Ticket, and 20 Draw Tickets will be waiting for players in the gift box for them to enjoy! And lastly, a 6000 blue crystal login bonus will be given.

Lastly, as if that weren't enough, players will also benefit from a boost to all campaigns, be it farming exp, materials, chocobo, weapon exp, etc. Every piece of content is boosted.


Overall, it's going to be an exciting start to the year for Final Fantasy Ever Crisis players and fans of the franchise. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is coming in February, and I can't wait to play the next part of the revamped story. But for now, I'll stick with Ever Crisis to scratch that Final Fantasy itch."


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