Fan-favorite Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Character Receiving New Gear in New Years Event


Applibot just posted a game update notice, providing some info regarding a New Year's event. Ahead of the event, an update to the app icon has been made. The new app icon features Cloud in what appears to be a new costume, just in time for the New Year's event.

The last time they changed the app icon with Cloud on it, his Bandaged Sword and Bandaged Gear banner dropped.

Speculation is Exciting

It's safe to assume that a new weapon and gear banner will drop soon during the New Year's events. Some players are speculating that it could be a fire-based weapon, possibly an Arcanum variant since Final Fantasy Ever Crisis doesn't have gear that provides a fire boost yet.

Alternatively, it could simply be a fire mastery gear that offers a 20% fire damage bonus. Other players are suggesting that it might just be a normal fire weapon and an attack bonus gear.

However, some are speculating that it could be a fire magical katana for Cloud, which seems less likely as Cloud has always been a physical damage dealer. But Applibot could surprise us with a magical weapon for Cloud; he hasn't had one in a banner since the game's release.

One Reddit user shared their best guess with this gem:

It is going to be a fire mastery, magic fire weapon with Cure-All and physical attack boosts. Additionally, the costume will grant a 5-point increase in physical attack (PATK), while the weapon itself will boast a PATK of 54 and a potential 40-point PATK potency.

It makes sense given the recent weapon releases followed a similar trend.

Additionally, one could speculate that it might be a weapon causing fire resistance down, similar to Lucia's ice resistance down and Zack's water resistance down weapons.

Datamined Images

Meanwhile, on X (formerly known as Twitter), fans have been hard at work deciphering the leaked textures from the game files. Clearly visible in these leaked images is a katana. Here is a textured version of a section of the katana.


Whatever ends up being the case, Cloud fans should be excited for the banner since he hasn't had one since the FF9 banner. Furthermore, New Year event weapons and gear tend to be really good. Here's hoping that it will be the mythical Fire Arcanum gear that we have all been waiting for.


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