Many players have been eager for a Fire Arcanum gear for any of the playable characters in Final Fantasy Ever Crisis. The game has lacked weapons and gear that support dealing fire damage, a necessity, especially with the upcoming dungeon ranking involving fire-weak bosses. To achieve a high score in the dungeon, fire-based equipment is essential.

There's a recent leak for Final Fantasy Ever Crisis that will undoubtedly thrill fans of Cloud and Sephiroth. Cloud is receiving a much-needed fire-based weapon with excellent damage modifiers. Additionally, he'll obtain gear that boosts fire damage by 35%! Yes, it's the long-awaited mythical Fire Arcanum gear. This banner is a must-pull for anyone concerned about covering all elemental bases. With the Fire Arcanum gear, Cloud now possesses two, complemented by a water mastery gear that augments water damage by 20%. He'll remain the go-to character for fire, lightning, and water damage in the foreseeable future until another character acquires similar fire gear.

The other character featured in the banner is Sephiroth, equipped with his new fire-resistance debuff weapon. Sephiroth will greatly complement Cloud in the role of dealing fire damage. Moreover, Sephiroth can also serve as an offensive stat debuffer, courtesy of his Kuja weapons, capable of debuffing both physical and magical attacks.

Sephiroth also possesses a new gear that provides a Fire Mastery bonus, allowing him to fulfill the role of a fire sub-DPS for the party.

Aside from the necessity of weapons for the Fire Dungeon ranking, there's a boss battle against Yuffie, who is weak to fire. So, if players aim to conquer the feisty ninja girl, they will direly need these fire weapons and gear. Finally, the fire weapons will prove to be quite useful in the Shiva Co-op rerun.

The aforementioned banner marks the debut Step-Up Banner in Final Fantasy Ever Crisis, showcasing two new weapons for Cloud and Sephiroth: Skysplitter and Radiant Edge. The image also features a weapon for Red XIII, Aerith's Prism Rod, and Zack's Black Whiskers.

The New Year banner is truly packed with exceptional equipment, so make sure to at least obtain Cloud's Fire Arcanum gear. We never know when the next fire-based equipment banner will drop, so don't miss out on this opportunity! Save those blue crystals and hope for plenty of stamps per pull.


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