Critical Threat Sephiroth The Arrival Event Guide


How to Play

Defeat Critical Threat Sephiroth in both solo and co-op missions to earn Victory Draw tickets for a chance to win Jackpot Prizes.


Victory Draws Prizes can be obtained by using victory draw tickets that can be earned from the events currently being held.

Prizes There is a limit to the number of jackpot prizes and limited prizes that can be obtained at the current level. Ho There is no such limit for standard prizes. In the Victory Draw, the prize category is first drawn according to the odds. If the jackpot or limited prizes are drawn, the odds within the jackpot or limited prizes are always divided equally according to the remaining number of prizes. Gr If standard prizes are drawn, the odds within the standard prizes are divided equally according to the number of types of prizes.


Leveling Up

Obtaining all jackpot prizes at the current level will unlock the next level. If no jackpot prizes are set, obtaining all limited prizes will unlock the next level. Even when all jackpot prizes and limited prizes have been obtained, you can continue to obtain prizes at the current level. The level will loop from level 7, and the lineup will reset when all jackpot prizes or limited prizes have been obtained.


  1. Don't use the '1000 Draw(s)' button; it's a trick! Instead, do 100 tickets at a time until you're near the limited reward limit, then do 10 tickets at a time. You can also stop if you get all the jackpot rewards.
  2. Be cautious not to waste your tickets, especially if you're at the first level, as having extra tickets can result in common drops going to waste.
  3. Just click the 'refill' button to move on to the next level or box, then repeat the same steps.
  4. Remember to complete the daily missions for the next 13 days. You can find the event mission in the events tab. Make sure to claim it every day. All you have to do is use 500 stamina.

Jackpot Rewards

Torn Wing

Sephiroth's Memories and Sephiroth-Specific Weapon Parts


  • The contents of the event and the period held may change without prior notice.
  • Victory Draws will no longer be available once the draw period is over.
  • Even after the event has ended, Victory Draws will continue to be available during the draw period. The event can be unlocked by clearing CC FFVII CHAPTER 1 - MAIN SECTION 3 - EP 6.
  • The event may be held again after the event period has ended.
  • Event-exclusive rewards may be featured again at a later time.
  • Victory draw tickets have an expiration date and cannot be carried over or used for later events.


  1. Is it worth farming for Sephiroth's Torn Wing Weapon?
    • Yes, absolutely. It's a free weapon that can be overboosted to 10 without the need for draw tickets or crystals. It's definitely superior to the previous two event weapons from the Tonberry event. It can be used as a sub-weapon by anyone, and even Sephiroth can use it if you don't have anything better to equip him with. The ATK and PDEF rare abilities make him a durable damage dealer.
  2. Should I level up the box when I get all the jackpot rewards but not the limited ones?
    • We recommend trying to obtain all the limited rewards before leveling up. There are more than enough tickets available to acquire all of them.
  3. How can I get more Victory Draw Tickets?
    • You can earn Victory Draw Tickets by completing the event's daily missions, which require you to use at least 500 stamina per day. Don't forget to claim the Victory Draw Tickets. Additionally, make sure to clear all the solo and coop missions.
  4. How do I defeat Critical Threat Sephiroth EX2?
    • Please refer to our comprehensive guide here.

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