Critical Threat Sephiroth Strategy Guide

If you're looking for a winning strategy to conquer Critical Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, you've landed in the perfect spot. In this guide, we will walk you through the precise steps to vanquish this formidable foe. Learn how to assemble the ideal team, select the right weapons, and employ winning strategies that will lead you to victory. Earn those coveted Victory Draw Tickets and seize the delicious rewards that await.

Lets get into it!

When facing Sephiroth, here are specific strategies to consider:

  1. Sephiroth's Debuff Mechanism:
    • Sephiroth cannot be debuffed, but he debuffs himself when infusing himself with an element (fire, lightning, ice)
    • When he is water-infused, he becomes weak to lightning.
    • When he is lightning-infused, he is weak to water.
    • When he is fire-infused, he is weak to ice.
  2. Sigils Break Bonus Weapons:
    • Use these weapons to break the O Sigils: Cloud with Martime Sword, Tifa with Crystal Gloves, Red XIII with Seaside Collar, and Barret with Heavy Hauser.
    • For Triangle Sigils, consider equipping Noble Collar, Jiggy Fam, and Murasame.
    • He also uses x sigils at higher levels but it is easy to break since there are only 10 stacks of x,o and A
  3. Managing Attack Gauge as lower levels
    • Raise the attack gauge during adds encounters.
    • Save ATB for breaking sigils at the start of the encounter
    • Adds are weak to wind damage.
  4. Strategy for Sigils and Infusions:
    • Save ATB for when Sephiroth casts water, fire or lightning infusion to break the O,A Sigil or deal damage.
    • I’ve found that you can deal a bit of elemental damage before breaking the sigils.
    • Aim to have both triangle and O Sigils at higher levels.
    • You have two options: either break the sigils or attack with lightning or water depending on the infusion Sephiroth casts on himself.
    • Sephiroth will cast Shadowflare if the sigils are not broken.
  5. Preparing Your Team:
    • Sephiroth will raise his physical attack, so be ready for this.
    • Equip summons on your healer, as AoE healing from weapons should suffice.
    • The primary goal is to deal as much damage to Sephiroth as fast as possible.
    • Cast summon limit break during interruptions, chain them if you can.
  6. Special Attacks:
    • Sephiroth has a range of attacks, including:
      • Aoelian Onslaught
      • Thundaga (AoE lightning)
      • Firaga (AoE fire)
      • Area Waterga (AoE water)
      • Shadowflare (Single target, high damage)
      • Lightning Infuse
      • Water Infuse
      • Fire infuse
      • Kaishin (Possibly AoE physical?)
      • Zenshin (Multi-hit single-target physical attack)
      • Telleturic Fury
      • Boundless Strength (Increases physical attack, undispelable)
      • Octaslash (Charge attack, single target, high damage - cast barrier on target to counter, make sure everyone has high HP like 4,500
  7. Higher-Level Variations:
    • In higher-level encounters, there are no adds, proceeding straight to the Sephiroth fight.
    • He has additional attacks Additional Notes for Higher Levels:
  • At higher levels, Sephiroth's attacks include Hell's Gate (possibly uses it when at low HP), it is an AoE physical attack with stun and a physical defense break.
  • He also has an ability called "Masamune in Waiting," which is a fast-charging skill with 10 stacks of O, X, and A Sigils, leading to Octaslash.

Ensure that your healer has at least 4,500 HP to survive octaslash, and be ready to adapt your strategy based on the specific patterns and abilities Sephiroth displays at higher levels. We hope you found this guide useful. Good luck with your battles against him!


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