Lucia Wind Magic Damage Dealer Build Guide


In this article, we're going to focus on Lucia as a wind magical attacker. We'll begin with a free-to-play build and make small improvements using the smallest of investments to get the maximum benefits. Let's jump right into it!

Primary Weapon and Gear

Lucia possesses the only other wind magic-based weapon in the game, aside from Aerith's Prism Rod. It deals AoE wind damage with a maximum overboost modifier of 500%. However, at level 90, it only has a 270% modifier. It costs 4 ATB to cast Aeroga A, making it less efficient against single enemies. I suggest equipping an Aerora materia in the first or second slot to have a more effective skill against single enemies or bosses.

Disciplined P0 SOLDIER (3*)
Pulse Gun

Its R abilities include 'Boost Atk' and 'Boost Wind Potency.' It's a shame it doesn't boost magic attack. The first two materia slots increase attack by 10%, and its last materia slot features a Circle Sigil boost. It's a good weapon to use when facing bosses that utilize Circle Sigils.

What's peculiar about this weapon is that its base physical attack is higher than its magic attack. For a weapon that scales off magic, this doesn't make sense. If you don't have any other options for wind magic damage, this is what we have to work with. Gear-wise, we'll stick with her stock outfit, the Disciplined P0 Soldier.

Secondary Weapon

For her off-hand weapon, our options are limited. We could choose the Barn Swallow to increase her magic attack, but it only provides a meager 8 points of magic attack boost. The Pulse Gun, with no magic attack boost, doesn't really help. So, let's go with a max-level Rifle of Levin to take advantage of the attack boost and the raw stats. The rifle provides lightning coverage in case something is resistant to wind.

Barn Swallow
Rifle of Levin

Sub Weapons

For sub-weapons, we'll go with all the event weapons maxed out, namely Thousand Waves, Lefko Kypseli, and Torn Wing. Both Lefko and Torn Wing provide attack and physical defense boosts. We'll forget about magic attack boosts and focus on attack. Thousand Waves or Beach Parasol is included for the HP boost and raw stats.

Thousand Waves
Torn Wing
Lefko Kypseli


Here's what her stats will look like with this build, assuming she is at level 55 and the Pulse Gun is at level 90:


And here's what the boosts look like:

Honestly, this is the weakest among the wind DPS builds in the series of articles I've created. Lucia is definitely not an optimal wind magic damage dealer. However, if she's your only choice, this is the way to go. Her magic attack doesn't even reach 2000. It's challenging to build a magic damage dealer since there are no weapons on par with ones like Motor Drive and Bald Eagle, which provide 32 points of boosts.

How to Improve

To enhance this build, you would need to invest at least 2 overboost levels in the Pulse Gun to increase her wind potency to 25%. That's one more duplicate than I'm willing to invest. Additionally, she lacks any gear that helps with magic damage.

Overall, it's better to check out Aerith's Wind Magic DPS build. If you have her Prism Set, it's much easier and practical to build her.

This concludes the Lucia Wind DPS guide. I hope you found it useful!


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