Tifa Wind Physical Damage Dealer Build Guide


In this article, we will craft a wind physical damage dealer build for Tifa. We'll begin with a free-to-play build and gradually enhance it with minimal investments. Let's dive right in!

Tifa wields one of the most potent physical attack weapons in the game, the Motor Drive. Not only does it make Tifa a great wind damage dealer, but it's also the best-in-slot sub-weapon for most physical attackers.

Primary Weapon and Gear

Naturally, we'll start the build with her Motor Drive. It provides the majority of the physical attack boost and wind potency. Unfortunately, she lacks an outfit that increases her wind damage, unlike Sephiroth and Aerith, so we'll stick with her default outfit, the Seventh Heaven Bartender.

Seventh Heaven Bartender (3*)
Motor Drive

Secondary Weapon

For her off-hand weapon, we can use her Sonic Strikers. It offers a small physical attack boost. You can choose from any of her weapons for the off-hand slot, as it doesn't significantly impact capping her physical attack boost level. Options include Tiger Fangs or Leather Gloves for offensive debuffing, or Power Soul for a bit of survivability. It depends on what else you want her to do besides dealing damage.

Sonic Striker

Sub Weapons

For sub-weapons, we can use any two 24-point physical attack-boosting weapons like the Falchion and Dark Heavens. In the third slot, you can utilize Torn Wing or Lefko Kypseli, two free event weapons that can be overboosted to their maximum potential through gacha. Torn Wing provides a slightly higher physical attack boost compared to Lefko.

Dark Heavens


Here's what her stats will look like with this build, assuming she is at level 55 and the weapons are at level 90:


And here's what her bonuses look like:

As you can see, it's a decent damage dealer build with her physical attack reaching the 2000s. She also has a bit of survivability thanks to the Torn Wing. However, her wind potency is a bit on the low side since she doesn't have a wind damage-boosting outfit (yet).

How to Improve

To further improve this build, consider investing an overboost point in the Motor Drive. This will boost her wind potency to 25% and give her an additional 137 points of physical damage boost. It takes until overboost 7 to reach the next threshold of 40%. While I wouldn't invest that much into a weapon, I might consider it for the Motor Drive since it is best in slot in most physical DPS builds, along with Lucia's Bald Eagle.

Optional Path

For another small damage boost, you can invest in her Metalfoot gear, which takes her attack to the next threshold at level 4. Moreover, the outfit looks fantastic on her, but I have to admit, anything looks good on Tifa, so it's a great investment.


This concludes the wind DPS build guide for Tifa. I hope you found it useful!


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