Event Dungeon Ranking: La’paina Coast Coming Soon

Coming Soon Dungeon Ranking La'paina Coast!

As of Oct. 26 7:00 PM PDT, the event Dungeon Ranking: La'paina Coast will begin. In this event, players can compete against eachother in the rankings to get dungeon high scores.

Event Info

Please note that in the recently released Ver. 1.1.20 update, we have completed the fixes for issues such as inability to progress in battles, forced termination of battles, and various issues related to ranking display. Known Issues This event will be held once all the issues listed in the Issue Notice for the event Dungeon Ranking: Mako Reactor 1 posted on Oct. 2 have been resolved.

Event Period

Oct. 26 7:00 PM-Nov. 2 6:59 PM PDT

Tallying Period

Nov. 2 7:00 PM PDT-Nov. 3 6:59 PM PDT *Tallying will be conducted within the above period after the event ends. *During the results tally, we will also take measures to exclude players using illicit methods to cheat. If cheating is detected during the event and during the tallying, we may take measures such as suspending the relevant accounts.

Results Announcement

Nov. 3 7:00 PM PDT-Nov. 9 5:59 PM PST

How To Play

From Event on the Home Screen, challenge the event-exclusive dungeon and aim to earn a highscore. You will be ranked within a randomly selected group of about 10,000 people, according to the score you have obtained. Recommended Element Wind is particularly effective Lightning may also be effective against some enemies

Reach a High Score or Ranking and Get Awesome Rewards!

There are three types of rewards: ranking rewards, difficulty-specific score rewards, and total score rewards.

Ranking Rewards allow you to earn rewards such as event-exclusive title plates and draw tickets, depending on your ranking.

Score rewards for each difficulty level include 1st Clear Rewards, first-time rank achiev rewards, and rank rewards, allowing you to earn rewards such as Blue Crystals. Score rewards allow you to earn rewards such as event-exclusive player icons and Materia Booster (L) depending on your score.

Please Note:

In this event, the Accelerated Mode function cannot be used during battles.

The event period and content are subject to change without notice.

Images displayed in the Notices may differ slightly from those in-game. This event may reappear in the future.

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.


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