Upcoming “Crash Battle” Event and Weapon Sneak Peak


"We have an upcoming featured event coming to Ever Crisis this October, all thanks to the dataminers over at the Ever Crisis Discord.

In this article, I'll be covering the following:

  1. The event itself.
  2. The weapon reward and my thoughts on it

The Event

The event is called "Crash Battle" and is likely the second part of the Sephiroth Event. The description reads:

"Crash Battles are extremely challenging stages. There is a limit to the number of attempts that can be made in an hour, so make sure to be prepared. *Accelerated Mode cannot be used in Crash Battles. If even one player clears a Crash Battle, everyone will be able to participate in a Frenzy Battle held at a later date. The more players that clear the battle, the better the rewards."

For those who have played Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or are still playing, this will sound familiar. It's a time-limited raid battle where players aim to deal as much damage to a boss within the time limit. In FFBE, everyone was placed into groups, so I wonder if it will be the same in Ever Crisis.

The fact that Accelerated Mode can't be used means it's likely to be a cooperative mission. This sounds like a really great event to get the community to bond with each other, even if most of us are just strangers.

It is unclear what type of enemy or enemies we are going to fight against. I can imagine them being weak to wind attacks, considering Aerith's Prism Set is being released.

That's all the event information for now, so let's move on to the weapon reward.

The Reward

The reward for completing or participating in this event is the Lefko Kypseli weapon for Barrett. Its C-ability is called 'Solid Barrier++.' It is unclear what this ability does, but judging from the name, it could be similar to Sephiroth's Torn Wing. Torn Wing's ability provides a PDEF boost to a single ally with moderate potency. It also heals 12% of the ally's HP. It honestly doesn't sound too bad.

Its 1st R ability is 27 points of ATK, and its 2nd R ability is 24 points of PDEF, the same R abilities that Torn Wing has.

Lastly, for support materia slots, it has 2 ATK Boost 1's and 1 MAATK Boost 1.

The Lefko sounds like a decent weapon if we can overboost it to ten. It'll make Barret a bit more durable without sacrificing offense. It could also be a good subweapon for anyone, thanks to the balanced R abilities.

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