Mako Reactor 1 Dungeon Ranking Event Guide

Are you aiming to achieve a high rank in the upcoming Mako Reactor 1 Dungeon Ranking event? Are you uncertain about which combination of units, weapons, or materia to invest in to secure a top spot? You've come to the right place.

In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the best weapons, characters to focus on, and the most effective Materia to bring to the dungeon. Make sure to read until the end to get all the details.

Now, let's start by understanding what the Dungeon Ranking event is all about.

Dungeon Ranking: Mako Reactor 1 will commence on October 2 at 7:00 PM PDT.

One of the unique aspects of this event is that you won't need to use stamina potions or dungeon keys to participate. This means you can fully engage in the event without worrying about these resources. It's an exciting opportunity to test your skills and compete for top rankings.

Dungeon Ranking and Rewards:

In this event, players have the opportunity to compete for various rewards based on their performance. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Top 10 Rewards: The top 10 participants in this competition will be granted the prestigious "The Red" title. Additionally, each of these top players will receive 20 gatcha tickets.

Top 11 to 100 Rewards: Players ranking from 11th to 100th place will be awarded the "Green" title. Similar to the top 10, they will also receive 20 gatcha tickets each.

101 and Below: Even if you don't make it to the top 100, there's still a reward for your participation. Players falling in this category will receive ticket materials as a token of appreciation for their engagement in the event.

The ranking system for this event is structured differently than some might expect. Instead of having all players compete against each other, participants are grouped into categories of 10,000 players each. This approach increases the chances of securing a spot in the top 100, especially when facing strong opponents with formidable setups.

Furthermore, there are specific titles to be earned based on your in-game achievements:

  • Achieving a score of one million two hundred thousand will earn you the "Red" title.
  • A score of 600,000 will grant you the "Green" title.
  • For newcomers and those completing the quest for the first time, there's a reward of 3,400 blue crystals. This applies to all players who successfully clear the quest initially.

Diving deeper into the high score challenge mechanics, it's noteworthy that the event bosses will have vulnerabilities to both ice and fire. Your ranking will depend on multiple factors, including your equipment, the speed at which you defeat bosses, and your ability to minimize item usage.

In a similar fashion to other games, it seems that bosses may gradually reduce your maximum HP during the event until you use a supplement to restore it. This mechanic is designed to add an extra layer of challenge to the event.

To cater to different player preferences, the event offers multiple difficulty levels, such as normal, hard, and very hard. Choosing higher difficulty levels is likely to yield greater scores, while lower difficulty levels may offer fewer points. Regardless of your choice, it's advisable to attempt and clear as many of these challenges as possible to maximize your rewards.

Best Weapons/Units

For Ice Damage:

When it comes to dealing ice damage efficiently, consider the following options:

  1. Edged Wings (Overboost 1): This weapon boasts a 530% ice skill that requires 4 ATB to use, making it the most efficient ice skill in the game with a damage/ATB ratio of 132.5%. Bringing Young Sephiroth to the dungeon with this weapon is an excellent choice.
  2. Lucia (Bald Eagle Weapon): Lucia can support ice damage effectively with her Bald Eagle weapon, which reduces ice resistance. She can also serve as a sub-damage dealer, and you can equip a Blizzara Blow materia in her third slot. At 5*, Blizzara Blow has a damage/ATB ratio of 130% when placed in a 30% damage bonus support materia slot, making it a great choice for a 3 ATB skill. A 4* Blizzara Blow materia still offers a solid ratio of 124.4%, making it suitable for the 30% bonus damage slot.
  3. Alternative Weapon for Lucia: The V39 is another option for Lucia, as it also provides a 30% ice damage bonus on the third slot.
  4. Cloud: If you don't have the mentioned weapons, consider using Cloud with his Butterfly Edge, which features a 30% ice damage boost support materia slot.
  5. Matt: To provide a magic defense debuff, consider bringing Matt with his Stingray weapon. He can equip Prime Number as his main weapon to provide healing for the party.

For Fire Damage:

To excel in dealing fire damage, consider these options:

  1. Glenn (Crewkicker): The 6* version of Crewkicker has a 480% fire damage multiplier with a damage/ATB ratio of 120%. Red XIII with his Rage Collar offers similar stats.
  2. *Firaga/Firaga Blow 5:*When placed in a 30% fire damage support materia slot, these skills achieve a damage/ATB ratio of 130%. Only Matt with his Espée Rapier Next-G and Tifa with her Leather Gloves have this 30% slot. If you have a good fire materia, consider bringing Tifa or Matt to maximize its efficiency.
  3. Shiva and Ifrit's Weapons: If you managed to farm these weapons, both have a 450% damage modifier with a damage/ATB ratio of 112.5% at 15*.

Even if you don't have Edged Wings, you can still deal efficient damage by using a good Blizzard materia in a 30% bonus slot.

Refer to this chart here made by DesuSnow for the full picture

How to Obtain 3* to 5* Materia:

Here are some tips to acquire 3 to 5* materia:

  • Purchase all the extra slots in synthesis.
  • Participate in coop missions to earn coop medals, which can be used to buy purple synth materials for crafting higher-level materia. Chocobo Rewards also give purple synth materials.
  • Buy night blue and purple synth materials to create Blizzard or Blizzara Blow materias. For Lucia's materia, aim for Blizzara Blow, as she is a physical damage dealer.
  • Add extra materials until you reach synth level 4. Synth level 5 is currently unavailable except for Ruin and Cure materia.
  • The chances of getting 4 or 5* materia are 1% and 0.1%, respectively. Increasing the synth level reportedly boosts the chances, but exact numbers are not available.
  • There's a small chance that the rank will increase when upgrading the materia.
  • If you run out of materials to level up materia, synthesize Ruin/Ruin Blow materia and feed them to the materia you're trying to level up, as they don't take much time to synthesize.

Here is a useful graphic for reference made by Zgod

We hope you find this guide useful in maximizing your performance in the dungeon ranking event.


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