Critical Threat: Sephiroth – The Arrival Event Coming Soon

Starting Oct. 5 7:00 PM PDT, the event Critical Threat: Sephiroth - The Arrival will be held. Win the battle with Sephiroth and get Victory Draw Tickets which can acquire limited-time weapons.

Sephiroth Descends". The powerful enemy "Sephiroth" recreated in the battle simulator will stand in front of the players. If you can win the battle with Sephiroth, you can get a "Victory Draw Ticket" and get limited-time weapons and character-specific weapon parts from the special gacha.

Let's take on the powerful enemy "Sephiroth" from "Event" on the home screen. When you defeat Sephiroth, you can obtain various "Victory Draw Ticket", and you can use the Victory Draw Ticket to draw the Subjugation Gacha.

Prizes for the subjugation gacha are determined by level. Prizes are set for each level, and by acquiring all the prizes for that level, you will be able to advance to the next level.

When you advance to the next level, the prize contents will change to new ones.

*Once you advance through a level, you cannot return to the previous level. *This event will be unlocked by clearing CHAPTER 1 MAIN SECTION 3 EP 1 ``Talk in the Mako Reactor'' of the story ``FINAL FANTASY VII''.


Event period and contents are subject to change without notice.

・Some illustrations displayed in notifications may differ from those in the game.

- Subjugation gacha tickets have an expiration date and cannot be carried over to the next event.・This event may reappear in the future.

We look forward to your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.


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