FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw (Aerith) On Now

Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS. This is a message from the management team.

FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw (Aerith)

As of Nov. 16 6:00 PM PST, the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw (Aerith) is on now. In this Draw, a crossover-limited weapon that can be equipped by Aerith will be featured. In addition, a new mission where you can acquire a new wallpaper and a new pack have also been introduced.

Event Period

Nov. 16 6:00 PM-Dec. 7 5:59 PM PST

Featured Crossover-Limited Weapon

In this Draw, the appearance rate of the following crossover-limited weapon has increased. Also, you can acquire crossover-limited gear on the Stamp Card for a limited time. This Draw features one new weapon as the pickup target, making the overall drop rate for the Wishlist 1% higher than Draws featuring 2 weapons. (The individual drop rate for weapons set in the Wishlist will be 0.2% higher than previous Draws.)

*Crossover-limited weapons from the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw will not be a to any other Draw.

*The stats of the above C. Ability are shown at max Overboost.

Reward Bonus

The items eligible for increased reward acquisition are "Aquamarine" and "Black Feather".

By setting up a featured crossover-limited weapon or gear in the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw (Aerith) and clearing the crossover event "A Resonant Waltz", you will receive a reward bonus.

Due to the reward bonus effect, the amount of obtainable Event Exchange Items "Aquamarine" and "Black Feather" increase.

Also, by Overboosting weapons with reward bonus effects, you can increase the bonus effect value. *It does not increase at all stages of Overboost.

Please check the effect value of the reward bonus from the Bonus Details in the party formation screen within the event.

*Regardless of whether the weapon is equipped as main or sub equipment, forming a party with it will activate the reward bonus effect.

*The effect of the reward bonus is applied in duplicate for each target weapon or gear when multiple are organized at the same time, but the increase limit is 200%.

*The reward bonus effect of the crossover-limited weapon "Garnet's Rod" is an effect that applies only to the crossover event "A Resonant Waltz" and does not apply to rewards other than this event.

*Reward bonuses will not be applied to rewards other than Exchange Items "Aquamarine" and "Black Feather".

About the calculation formula when the amount of rewards obtained increases

After multiplication, round off to the first decimal place.

When using Stamina Boost, multiply the final total reward per item by the bonus percentage, then round off to the first decimal place.

Regarding the Wishlist

In this Draw, you can select specific weapons and register them to your Wishlist. The Wishlist is a feature that increases the 5★ drop rate for the selected weapons. *Weapons other than those selected in the Wishlist will also appear.

*Wishlist settings will not be carried over to other Weapon Featured Draws.

About the Stamp Card

Using the Stamp Card, you can receive rewards and benefits each time a stamp is pressed. The number of stamps pressed is determined at random each time, and based on the odds of the number of stamps, 1 to 12 can be pressed at a time.

For details regarding rewards, please check the Stamp Card on the Draw screen.

Odds of the number of stamps

  • 1 Stamp: 45.00000%
  • 2 Stamps: 35.00000%
    3 Stamps: 15.92000%
  • 4 Stamps: 2.02000%
    5 Stamps: 1.50000%
    6 Stamps: 0.55000%

Crossover Weapon Pack is here!

During the period, a special pack will appear when a certain number of crossover-limited weapons featured are obtained.

The following packs can be purchased in the Shop's time-limited tab once the purchase conditions are met.

5★ Garnet's Rod Pack I

By acquiring 2 featured 5★ Garnet's Rod, it will become available.

Number of Purchases Available: 1

Cost: Red Crystals x5,000


  • 5★ Garnet's Rod x1
  • Draw Ticket x20
  • Grindstone Chunk x15
  • Grindstone x 10

5★ Garnet's Rod Pack II

By acquiring 4 featured 5★ Garnet's Rod, it will become available.

Number of Purchases Available: 1

Cost: Red Crystals x5,000


  • 5★ Garnet's Rod x1
  • Draw Ticket x20
  • Grindstone Chunk x15
  • Grindstone x 10

New Missions Added

As of Nov. 16 6:00 PM PST, new missions have been added in which you can obtain a new wallpaper.


Raise Garnet's Rod rarity to OB2


Wallpaper: Garnet's Gown

Please Note:

  • The event period and content are subject to change without notice.
  • The pack purchase method is dictated by the payment method established by your platform.
  • Once a pack has been purchased and paid for, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Purchased items are immediately added directly to your inventory after purchase. Rewards can be obtained by receiving them after completing the Missions.
  • Stamps are only stamped upon performing a x10 Draw. Stamps will not be stamped after a x1 Draw.
  • Stamps are drawn based on the odds every time you x10 Draw.
  • The weapons and gear selected on the stamp card can be changed later.
  • Crossover Weapon Pack will appear when a certain number of new weapons, which are the featured weapons, are obtained from the Draw.
  • Weapons obtained from the pack are not included in the number of conditions for purchase.
  • The purchase conditions for the Crossover Weapon Pack are only applicable during the same period as the draw event where the new weapon is a featured item.
  • Crossover-limited weapons from the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw will not be added to any other Draw.
  • The crossover-limited weapon and gear featured in this Draw may reappear in the future.
  • The crossover-limited weapon featured in this draw cannot be selected in the Daily Quest 'Weapon Parts Request'.


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