Upgrades to Certain Character Models

Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.

This is a message from the management team.

As of Oct. 30 7:00 PM PDT, the quality of some character models has been improved. As a result, some characters' appearance may differ from the way they were displayed before.

Sephiroth Before
Sephiroth After

Now, that really looks like a young Sephiroth. He looks so much better now.

Tifa Before
Tifa After

Tifa's hair looks much better in the new model. They covered up her swimsuit under her wet shirt, and her face looks softer.

We will continue to update graphic assets such as model data in order to immerse you all even further into the world of FINAL FANTASY VII.

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.


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