Sephiroth’s Wind Physical DPS Build Guide

In this article, we're going to craft a physical wind DPS Sephiroth build. We'll begin with a free-to-play build using gacha weapons, without any overboost levels, and farmable weapons with max overboosts. Then, we'll gradually enhance the build with the minimum investment required to achieve maximum gains.

Now, we're all set to dive right in!

First, we'll begin with his Dark Heavens and Dark Harbinger gear set. We'll include max Torn Wing as his off-hand weapon. For sub-weapons, we'll utilize Tifa's Motor Drive, Lucia's Bard Eagle, and Barret's Lefko Kypseli.

This build will provide him with the following stats at level 55 assuming all the weapons are at level 90. The Torn Wing and Lefko Kypseli are at max of course.

  • HP: 4600
  • HEAL: 915
  • PDEF: 130
  • PATK: 2270
  • MDEF: 100
  • MATK: 1351

And here are the boosts that come with the build:

  • Boost HP
    • Lv. 2
    • Pts.: 10
    • Bonus: +50, +15%
  • Boost ATK
    • Lv. 4
    • Pts.: 26
    • Bonus: +50, +10%
  • Boost PATK
    • Lv. 7
    • Pts.: 56
    • Bonus: +100, +50%
  • Boost PDEF
    • Lv. 3
    • Pts.: 24
    • Bonus: +30%
  • Boost Ice Pot.
    • Lv. 1
    • Pts.: 4
    • Bonus: +6%
  • Boost Wind Pot.
    • Lv. 2
    • Pts.: 12
    • Bonus: +35%
For visualization purposes only. Numbers don't reflect the stats above.

Honestly, it's not that bad for a free-to-play build with no gacha weapon overboosts. We've capped physical attack and achieved a bit of physical damage survivability. The wind potency bonus is also significant.

To enhance this build, consider investing in one level of overboost for the Dark Heavens. It will provide an additional 10% wind potency and increase physical attack to 2412.

The next wind potency threshold is reached at Dark Heavens overboost level 4.

If you have only one of Motor Drive or Bald Eagle, you can replace it with any 24-point PATK-boosting weapon, such as Glaried. To reach the physical attack cap, invest in an overboost level for Dark Heavens and to a physical attack bonus weapon. Glaried is a good choice since it also increases limit break potency by 15%.

As you can see, it is quite easy to transform Sephiroth into a physical damage dealer. Not much investment is needed, and the free max overboost weapons offer a lot of value.

This concludes the guide on building Sephiroth as a wind physical damage dealer. I hope you found it useful!


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