Regarding the Sub Stats of Materia Synthesis

Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.

This is a message from the management team.

We have received reports that certain sub stats are not being applied in some Synthesis. Upon your feedback, we conducted an investigation and found no issues with Synthesis.

Regarding Materia Synthesis, there are some sub stats that are difficult or impossible to obtain.

However, the Materia that can be obtained through tutorials and story clears is Materia with stats that are not available to be granted via Synthesis, which may be causing confusion among players.

Please check this graph for a partial explanation of the current sub stat assignment with Synthesis.

The chart shows how easy, hard or impossible (x) it is to add or multiply the sub stat. *As of Oct. 30 2023.

With consideration for the current state of Materia Synthesis being difficult to understand, and the Synthesis system for Healing Materia such as Cure not currently functioning as desired, we have chosen to implement the following measures after careful consideration.

- Distribution of apologies regarding the confusion caused by the status attached to the Healing Materia such as Cure that can be obtained through tutorials and story clearances in relation to Synthesis.

- Implementing changes to the Synthesis specifications for Healing Materia in future updates.

Distribution of Synthesis Materials

We will distribute various materials necessary for the Synthesis of the following: Cure, Healing Esuna (Fatigue), Healing Esuna (Fog), Healing Esuna (Poison), and the Materia Booster necessary for strengthening Materia.

Distribution Contents

  • Bookmark ×100
  • Material Booster (L) x 20
  • Flame Ore ×100
  • Frost Ore x100
  • Blitz Ore 100
  • Water Ore x100
  • Void Ore × 200
  • Magic Chip ×450
  • Physical Chip ×100
  • Synth Catalyst - Day x3
  • Synth Catalyst Piece - Day x6
  • Synth Catalyst Sliver - Day ×10
  • Synth Catalyst - Night ×3
  • Synth Catalyst Piece - Night x6
  • Synth Catalyst Sliver - Night ×10

Eligible Players

Players who started the game before this notice was posted

Synthesis Specification Change

We are planning to implement additional support by the end of the year to add HP Boost and Healing Potency Boost to Healing Materia such as Cure, Healing Esuna (Fatigue), Healing Esuna (Fog), and Healing Esuna (Poison).

We will continue to improve and update various features, including Synthesis, so each feature will continue to be enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VILEVER CRISIS.


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