Pumpkin Fest: Where Darkness Gathers Event Guide

Boss: Dark Army Leader [Level 60] [EX2]

[HP: 143877] [PATK: 3133] [MATK: 6266] [PDEF: 100] [MDEF: 100] [HEAL: 0]

Damage Resistances: None

Elemental Resistances: 80% Ice, -200% Wind

Immunities: Poison, Silence, Darkness, Stun, Fatigue, Fog

Description: Uses many magic attacks. Calls allies to battle, but after a certain amount of time, absorbs them to grant self MATK Up. Wind-element abilities are effective against its allies.


Some of the attacks are not used by the boss at lower levels.

Evil Cutter [Phys. Non-elem.]

  • 50% Phys. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Blizzaga [Mag. Ice]

  • 100% Mag. Ice Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Blizzaga A [Mag. Ice]

  • 100% Mag. Ice Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Firaga [Mag. Fire]

  • 150% Mag. Fire Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

Firaga A [Mag. Fire]

  • 150% Mag. Fire Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Glacial Breath [Mag. Ice]

  • 900% Mag. Ice Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Maleficent Surge [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • 750% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: All Enemies]

Rallying Command [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • 40s PDEF Up (+40s) (High) [Range: All Allies]
  • 40s MDEF Up (+40s) (High) [Range: All Allies]

Dark Army: Troops of Dusk [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • Call Reinforcements: 2x Dorky Face

Dark Army: Troops of Dawn [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • Call Reinforcements: 2x Doltish Face

Grant me your strength! [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • 100% Max HP (?) Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Other Allies]
  • 999s MATK Up (+999s) (Low -> Extreme) [Range: Self]

Grant me your strength! [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • 100% Max HP (?) Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Other Allies]
  • 999s MATK Up (+999s) (High -> Extreme) [Range: Self]

Spite Siphon [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • Permanent Buff Effect: +15% MATK [Range: Self]
  • Permanent Buff Effect: +30% MATK [Range: Self]
  • Permanent Buff Effect: +100% MATK [Range: Self]
  • Permanent Buff Effect: +200% MATK [Range: Self]

Cackle [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • Begin 20s Phase -> Glacial Breath

Marching Orders [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • Begin 50s Phase ([12 ⬤]) -> Maleficent Surge
  • Begin 50s Phase ([18 ⬤]) -> Maleficent Surge

Dreadful Cackle [Mag. Non-elem.]

  • Begin 15s Phase -> Maleficent Surge

Recommended configurations:

Support to protect the party against AoE magic attacks with an AoE magic defense buff.

  • Cloud with Bandaged Sword
  • Glenn with Hardcore Squad
  • Red with Sleek Collar
  • Matt with Core Defender
  • If you don't have any AoE MDEF buff weapons, you can use single-target ones like Guard Stick and Chocobo Staff.

Damage with Wind

  • Tifa with Motor Drive
  • Sephiroth with Dark Heavens
  • Aerith with Prism Rod
  • Lucia with Pulse Gun
  • Zack with Falcion
  • Aerora/Aerora Blow Materia if you don't have a wind weapon

Healing the party

  • Aerith with Fairy Tale
  • Matt with Prime Number
  • Red with Platinum Collar
  • Tifa with Lifeguard Wraps
  • Cloud with Crystal Sword

Debuff magic attack

  • Tifa with Tiger Fangs
  • Barret with Solid Bazooka
  • Lucia with Mad Minute
  • Red with Junk Collar

Sigil breaking (o)

  • Cloud with Martime Sword
  • Sephiroth with Dark Heavens
  • Zack with Crystal Sword (Z)
  • Matt with Killer Hornet
  • Lucia with Pulse Gun
  • Barret with Heavy Hauser
  • Aerith with Prism Rod

Battle Guide:

Quickly dispatch the first two waves of enemies with wind attacks. The boss will appear in the third wave alongside two Dorky Faces. Defeat them quickly to prevent the boss from absorbing them and buffing its MATK.

The boss will cast "Rallying Command," a skill that buffs its party with extreme PDEF and MDEF boosts. You can either ignore the buffs if your damage output is sufficient or try to remove them with the appropriate defense debuffs. Tifa's Somersault is particularly useful here since it debuffs both PDEF and MDEF, lowering their potency to low.

The boss will then start casting "Glacial Breath" alongside the adds. The adds will also cast "Blizzard" while charging. Note that "Glacial Breath" can't be interrupted, so lower the boss's magic attack with a debuff or buff your party's MDEF, or consider doing both. Ensure you switch to the defense stance before the AoE attack hits.

After casting "Glacial Breath," the boss will summon more troops, this time 2 Doltish Faces. The boss will buff them and itself again with "Marching Orders." The Doltish Faces can cast "Blizzard" and "Disenchanting Breath," which is an AoE attack that lowers MDEF with moderate potency.

The boss will start casting "Marching Orders." If not interrupted, it will unleash "Maleficent Surge," an AoE magic attack. Interrupt it by destroying O sigils. This should be easy to do with O Ruin/Ruin Blow Materia. To make breaking them easier, use Cloud's Maritime Sword or Sephiroth's Dark Heavens. Interrupt it and throw your summons and wind attacks during the stagger phase.

Information for EX Stages:

Dorky Face may cast "Weary Breath," which reduces physical and magical attack with high potency.

The transition from "Dreadful Cackle" to "Maleficent Surge" can't be interrupted.

On the second "Dark Army: Troops of Dusk," simply ignore the Doltish Faces and focus on the Dark Army Leader. Hit it with all you've got before it comes out of the stagger phase.


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