Aerith’s Chocobo Staff and Chocobo Suit Review

Let's talk about Aerith's new weapon and outfit. I can't believe Aerith has another one; it could have been Lucia. Insert sad face here.

Aerith's Chocobo Staff

Her Chocobo Staff is farmable and can be realistically overboosted to the max. It provides a single-target magic defense buff similar to her Guard Stick. However, it is only of mid potency, even at max overboost, so it doesn't quite match up to the Guard Stick in that regard. Nevertheless, it does provide more raw stats compared to a level 90 Guard Stick. The base stats are a bit on the low side, similar to Thousand Waves and Beach Parasol, but hey, it's a free max overboost weapon, so I can't complain.

Its R abilities boost heal and MDEF by 16 and 6 points, respectively. At OB6, they provide 23 and 16 points, and at max, 27 and 24 points. It's not bad as a secondary or sub-weapon for Aerith. If you don't have another weapon like the Guard Stick or Fairytale, this is a really good weapon to use. It's also a great sub-weapon for any healer build, like if you want to turn Cloud into a healer. The magic defense boost isn't so bad either.

For support materia slots, it has 2 ATK Boost I's that increase ability damage by 10% and 1 MATK Boost I, which increases magic ability damage by 20%. Nothing of note here unless you use this as a primary weapon for Aerith. You could slot an elemental magic materia in the third slot.

Aerith's Chocobo Suit

Now let's talk about Aerith's Chocobo suit. It provides an HP and magical defense boost of 8 points. Not bad for a free suit. It is certainly better than her stock outfit, which provides an MDEF and crit potency boost of 4 points. It looks cute on Aerith too, but I would've preferred it to be Lucia's.

Overall, these new additions for Aerith provide players with options to improve her performance and customization in the game. The Chocobo Staff can be particularly useful as a supplementary weapon for her or other potential healers, while the Chocobo Suit enhances her stats and aesthetic appeal.


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