La’Paina Coast Hard Mode Dungeon Ranking Guide

In this article, I'll guide you through the La Paina Dungeon in Hard Mode. Let's start by discussing the enemies you'll encounter in this dungeon.


Dorky FaceImmunities: Stun Inflicts PATK Down and MATK Down with Weary Breath.WindIceNone
Immunities: None Inflicts MDEF Down with Double Claw, and subsequently uses the non-elemental magic attack Oppressive Breath on that same target. Physical attacks are effective against this enemy.Water, WindLightning, EarthNone
Icy RavenImmunities: MDEF Down Uses ice-element physical attacks. Grants self *Ice Potency Up and Physical Resistance and inflicts Fire Resistance Down on self with Icy Veil. Physical attacks are effective against this enemy. Magic attacks are effective for destroying sigils.Wind, FireEarth, Ice
Fiery CondorImmunities: MDEF Down Uses fire-element physical attacks. Grants self Fire Potency Up and Physical Resistance and inflicts Ice Resistance Down on self with Fiery Veil. Physical attacks are effective against this enemy. Magic attacks are effective for destroying sigils.Ice, WindFire, Earth
Death MachineImmunities: Poison / Darkness / Silence / Stun / Fatigue / Fog / DEF Down / MDEF Down Frequently grants self ATK Up with Furious Tantrum. Counters magic attacks during Alert. Physical attacks are effective during Alert.LightningNoneNone
Scorpion SentinelImmunities: Poison / Darkness / Silence / Fatigue / Fog Uses the powerful magic attack Tail Laser. Also uses a wide variety of stream phase skills, such as Counter Mode to unleash counterattacks, or Target Scanner to focus attacks on a single target. Quickly destroying sigils is an effective strategy.Ice, LightningFire
SweeperImmunities: Poison / Darkness / Silence / Fatigue / Fog Uses many physical attacks. Inflicts DEF Down with Devastating Chainguns. Uses Shield Deployment when HP falls below a certain amount, and interrupting it will inflict DEF Down. Magic attacks are effective against this enemy.LightningNone
Spooky BalloonImmunities: Poison / Darkness / Silence / Fatigue / Fog / ATK Down / DEF Down / MATK Down / MDEF Down Uses Threat Assessment I to determine the elements of the target's powerful abilities, and acquire resistances to those elements. Resistance to only one element can be acquired at a time.Lightning, WindEarthNone

Team Building Guide:

Since most of the enemies in this dungeon are weak to wind, I recommend bringing Aerith with the Prism Rod and Sephiroth with Dark Heavens as your primary choices. If you don't have these characters, you can opt for your favorite damage dealer and equip them with the Aerora or Aerora Blow materia.

Dark Harbinger
Dark Heavens
Prism Dress
Prism Rod

Don't forget to bring a healer along; Aerith can serve this role if needed. For the remaining slots, consider adding a debuffer or another damage dealer to balance your team. Keep in mind that some of the enemies in the dungeon are weak to lightning, so make sure to equip your damage dealer with the appropriate lightning materia for future encounters.

Permanent Rewards:

200 Blue Crystals

5x Nanocube Model I

Synth Catalyst Piece - Day x 5


Icy Raven

Next, continue heading east, avoiding the bridge (as it will collapse when you approach it). Pick up some Synth Catalyst Pieces (day) on the ground. Head south, then slightly west and south again. Go east and pick up a chest containing 5x Nanocube Model Is. Head west, then north, and in the middle of the area, you'll find a chest with an Elixir and 6x Hi-Potions.

Fiery Condor

Now, go fight the symbol enemy to the west, a Fiery Condor. Hit it with wind attacks, and be cautious of its heatwave attack, which is an AoE attack. Simply heal after getting hit, and you should be fine. Upon defeating it, you'll have the choice of three trance abilities: Magical Defense +30%, Lightning Potency +10%, and Lightning Potency +20% and Magical Defense -50%. I recommend going with the Lightning Potency +10% since it will be helpful against the next bosses. If you're feeling adventurous, you can choose the 20% option, but it will be riskier.

Sentinel Scorpion

Next, engage the symbol enemy to the east, the Sentinel Scorpion. You may encounter a trash mob here - Death Machines that drop 4x Supplements. The Scorpion is weak to lightning attacks, so use those to your advantage. Watch out for the tail laser attack, and make sure to heal and buff the targeted party member to stay safe. After defeating it, you'll get to choose among three trance abilities: Physical Defense +30%, Wind Potency +10%, and Wind Potency +20%/Physical Defense -50%. I suggest the safer option, Wind Potency +10%, but feel free to pick the riskier one if you believe your party can handle it.


Head back to the area with the collapsible bridge and fight the symbol enemy to the north, the Sweepers. They are weak to lightning, so continue using those attacks. Beware of the stomp attack, which hits the whole party. Heal afterwards. Sweepers also deploy a shield, so destroy it by targeting the circle sigils. Upon defeating them, you'll have the choice of three trance abilities: Healing Potency +30%, Physical Defense +30%/Healing Potency +10%, and Physical Attack +10%. Pick Physical attack if it's relevant to your damage dealer. Otherwise, pick either defensive trance abilities. Open a chest containing 5x Thunder Cocktails and a Tent.

Spooky Balloon

Go back south, then head west and south again to face the final boss: Spooky Balloon. This boss is accompanied by two dorky faces, so make sure to eliminate them first. Additionally, it will periodically buff either wind or lightning resistance, but not both at the same time. Attack it with the element it isn't currently resistant to, and it will eventually lose its defenses. Use summons, limit breaks, and elemental attacks to defeat it quickly.

Congratulations on completing the La'Paina Coast on Hard! I hope you found this guide useful.


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