Shiva Coop Do’s and Dont’s

In this article, we'll discuss the dos and don'ts for the Shiva COOP fights. If you aren't aware, there is currently an event that allows players to attempt to clear the Shiva fights via co-op. This is especially useful for players who don't have a strong enough party to take on Shiva solo. Here are some tips to be an asset in the party rather than a burden. Let's get into it.

Don't bring Physical Damage Dealers/Do bring Magical Damage Dealers

Shiva boasts substantial physical defense, making it less favorable to bring a physical damage dealer to the fight. Instead, consider bringing your most proficient fire magic attackers, such as Barrett with Flame Projector, Glenn with Inferno Grave, Sephiroth with Prototype Crimson Blade, and Zack with Crystal Sword (Z) and Ifrit's Sword. Glenn and Zack stand out as excellent choices, given that their respective weapons also provide ice resistance.

By concentrating on fire-based magical attacks and capitalizing on the ice resistance afforded by Glenn and Zack's weapons, you can significantly enhance your prospects of success in the Shiva COOP battles. It's all about exploiting Shiva's weaknesses and optimizing your team's strengths.

Do bring esuna (fog)

Shiva has a penchant for casting the status ailment "Fog" on the entire party. Fog increases the ATB cost of your party's skills, so it's essential to remove it unless you want your party to be slowed down. Equip Esuna (Fog), especially if you're playing a support or healer role. Start by casting it on yourself, and then on the rest of the party.

Here's a useful trick I can share with you: when you have three ATB gauges, queue up Esuna (Fog) so it prompts you to select a target. Wait for Shiva to "sit down," then cast it on yourself. The skill animation will begin, and it will take effect after Shiva casts Fog on the party. This grants you a discount of 2 ATB bars – a pretty nifty trick. Now, remove the ailment from the rest of the party so they can deal damage to Shiva effectively.

Do bring defaith

Bring "Defaith" to the fight. Shiva buffs her magic attack during her Sigil Break phase. "Defaith" can negate her buffs, allowing your party to survive her onslaught of attacks. Instead of attempting to heal the damage, it's better to mitigate it by debuffing her magical attack.

Do bring fire breach materia

Make sure to bring the Fire Breach materia. Shiva casts a fire resistance buff on herself. Using Fire Breach on her will reduce its effectiveness and allow your party to deal more damage to her and deplete her gauge. The Fire Breach materia can be purchased with Crisis Medals (1000) in the exchange shop.

Do bring Ifrit

Bring Ifrit to the fight. I'm sure this is a no-brainer, but please equip Ifrit as your summon limit break. He can deal massive damage to Shiva, especially when she is debuffed (chilled). Don't summon Ifrit while Shiva has a fire resistance buff; you'll just end up wasting his damage potential.

Do use defense stance liberally

Don't hesitate to switch to the defense stance liberally. Shiva hits hard, especially during her Sigil Break phase where she gains double cast. If you become the target, switch to the defense stance to save yourself some HP, and then quickly switch back for a counterattack.

Do save atb for sigil breaking

If you're a damage dealer, wait for the Sigil Break phase to begin after the first stun is over. Save your ATB bar and only use it when it's nearly full. Concentrate on breaking the sigils so your party can promptly interrupt her and avoid a significant amount of damage.

Do farm the easy stages

If, for some reason, you have already maxed out all the Shiva weapons and her limit breaks, and you want to complete the missions associated with the Shiva fight, you can simply clear the earlier stages repeatedly. It will only cost 528 stamina, so it's not a significant investment. Remember, 3x counts as one fight so do 50 fights at a time.


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