Red XIII’s Iron Collar Review


In this article, I'll review Red XIII's newest weapon, the Iron Collar. This is farmable through the Iron Giant Critical Hunt Event. I will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

The best thing about the Iron Collar is that it's free! There's no need to grind for it; the only question is, is it worth the effort to farm it? Absolutely, and I'll tell you why. It's the first free event weapon with two offensive abilities: Boost Attack and Boost Critical Potency.

Iron Collar

Iron Collar: Red XIII [Event]

Spiral Swing (4 ATB)

27 Boost ATK / 24 Boost Crit. Pot.

  • ATK Boost I
  • ATK Boost I
  • PATK Boost I

Base Stats

[PATK: 176] [MATK: 185] [HEAL: 149] (90 OB0)

[PATK: 422] [MATK: 444] [HEAL: 208] (90 OB10)

[PATK: 440] [MATK: 462] [HEAL: 223] (90 OB+20)

In terms of base stats, it ranks 4th among Red's weapons for physical attack, last in magic attack and healing. Clearly, it's designed for physical damage if that's the route you want to take. The stats aren't bad when compared to recent free event weapons like the Chocobo Staff and Chocobo Buster.


Spiral Swing [Mag. Non-elem.]

260% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

20s PDEF Down (+6s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]

10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Spiral Swing [Mag. Non-elem.]

300% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

22s PDEF Down (+7s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]

10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Spiral Swing+ [Mag. Non-elem.]

350% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

25s PDEF Down (+7s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]

10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Spiral Swing++ [Mag. Non-elem.]

360% Mag. Non-elem. Damage [Range: Single Enemy]

28s PDEF Down (+9s) (Low -> Mid) [Range: Single Enemy]

10% Crit Rate [Range: Single Enemy]

Now, let's talk about its C abilities. It doesn't really make sense why it deals magical damage but lowers physical defense. It could have been better with a magical defense break instead. At least it's useful against the Iron Giant since the damage is non-elemental. However, the modifier is quite low, so it's not worth slotting into the main or offhand slots.


Its R abilities include granting 16 points to attack and 6 points to critical potency at level 90. At max level, it gives 27 points of attack and 27 points of critical potency. Not bad for a critical build!

Sub-weapon use

It's the perfect subweapon for any non-elemental damage dealer who has already maxed out their physical or magical attack. It is also perfect for crit builds like Lucia's.

Support Materia Slots

Regarding support materia slots, it has two physical/magical attack 10% boosts and one physical attack 20% boost. It's pretty average, but since it won't be your main weapon, it doesn't matter much.


As for theoretical builds with it, you could go with something like this:

This makes Lucia a crit machine with her Black Rifle. Of course, this means you have to invest some mythril ore to level up the Iron Collar to level 90. Will it be worth it? It's up to you to decide. I'm just here to explore theoretical builds.


Here you have it: a review of Red XIII's Iron Collar. I hope you find this guide useful!


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