Lucia Water DPS Build Guide


The Iron Giant hunt is upon us, and it requires a physical water-based damage dealer. Cloud is the obvious choice here with his maritime sword and gear that boosts water damage. But what if you didn't pull on his summer banner? Who can you bring to the fight to dish out water damage to the Iron Giant? Enter Lucia. I'll create a water DPS build for her in this article. Let's get into it.

Primary Weapon and Gear

For her primary weapon, we'll equip her with a bald eagle companion to take advantage of the high physical attack boost. Its skill also deals extra damage to diamond sigils, which the Iron Giant uses for one of its attacks.

To equip her for maximum physical attack potential, equip her with her black stealth outfit to take advantage of its physical attack boost. This will bring us closer to the physical attack cap, allowing us to keep some open sub-weapon slots for maxed-out overboosted weapons.

Bald Eagle
Black Stealth

Secondary Weapon

For her offhand weapon, we'll utilize the Serpent Eater, allowing us to employ its water-based physical single-target attack on the Iron Giant. This weapon solely provides an HP boost rather than a physical attack boost, hence its placement in the off-hand slot.

Serpent Eater

Sub Weapons

We'll utilize Motor Drive as one of her sub-weapons to finally reach the maximum physical attack bonus. For her two remaining sub-weapons, you can opt for Lefko and Torn Wing if you've already maxed them out. Alternatively, you can prioritize HP by equipping Thousand Waves and Beach Parasol. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to find what suits your playstyle best.

Motor Drive
Iron Collar
Iron Greatsword


Here's an overview of the build and her estimated stats, assuming Lucia is at level 55 and all weapons are at level 90, except for the maxed-out overboosted ones.

She could benefit from a bit more HP, as she might not survive one of the Iron Giant's single-target attacks depending on the difficulty level. However, her offensive stats look impressive for a casual build without any overboosted weapons, except for the farmable ones.

How to Improve

To further enhance this build, consider investing one overboost level into the Serpent Eater to unlock the next tier of water potency bonus. This will grant Lucia an additional 15% water potency.


While Lucia may not be the best physical water damage dealer in the game, she is a viable alternative if you don't have Cloud and his equipment. I hope this guide has been helpful. Stay tuned to for more guides and reviews.


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