Glenn’s Pumpkin Lamppost Review

In this article, I'll review Glenn's newest weapon, the Pumpkin Lamppost. This weapon shares a banner with Zack's Black Whiskers. I will break down its abilities and support materia slots, explore some potential builds in which it might be used, discuss sub-weapon use, and consider its future-proofing.

Pumpkin Lamppost

Shop : Limited Time
Stamp Gacha : Zack & Glenn Stamp Card
Availability : 10/31/2023, 10:00:00 AM to 11/10/2023, 9:59:59 AM

Base Stats

The Pumpkin Lamppost is indeed an interesting support weapon for Glenn, offering a unique blend of stats and abilities. With 436 physical attack, 464 magical attack, and 254 heal, it's quite a versatile tool. Among Glenn's weapons, it ranks 10th in physical attack, 4th in magical attack, and takes the top spot with 1st in heal potency. These stats alone make it stand out in the arsenal.

[PATK: 182] [MATK: 194] [HEAL: 182] (90 OB0)

[PATK: 436] [MATK: 465] [HEAL: 254] (90 OB10)

[PATK: 455] [MATK: 485] [HEAL: 273] (90 OB+20)


Its C abilities are as follows, depending on levels:

Stout Bravery [Mag. Non-elem.]

30s PATK Up (+10s) (Low -> Mid)

[Range: Single Ally]

9% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Stalwart Bravery [Mag. Non-elem.]

30s PATK Up (+10s) (Mid -> High)

[Range: Single Ally] 9s 15% Regen (+3s)

[Range: Single Ally]

9% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Stalwart Bravery [Mag. Non-elem.]

34s PATK Up (+11s) (Mid -> High) [Range: Single Ally]

12s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]

11% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Stalwart Bravery+ [Mag. Non-elem.]

34s PATK Up (+11s) (High) [Range: Single Ally]

12s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]

12% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

Stalwart Bravery++ [Mag. Non-elem.]

38s PATK Up (+12s) (High) [Range: Single Ally]

15s 15% Regen (+3s) [Range: Single Ally]

13% Heal [Range: Single Ally]

One of its notable features is the introduction of offensive buffs for party members, a departure from the usual self-buffing weapons. This ability opens up new tactical possibilities, allowing Glenn to enhance the physical damage output of a party's physical hyper carry. The combination of this offensive buff with a flat heal and gradual heal, all while benefiting from its high heal potency, creates a synergistic package.


Looking at its R abilities, at level 90, it grants 16 physical attack and 9 ability potency. At max overboost, these values increase to 27 physical attack and 36 ability potency. It's worth noting that some players might have preferred HP or even more heal potency over physical attack. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that this weapon brings substantial utility to the team.

Sub-weapon use

As for sub-weapon use, it may not be very beneficial for physical attackers, especially at lower overboost levels. At level 90, it merely adds 8 points of physical attack, and its ability potency falls short compared to specialized attack potencies.

Support Materia Slots

Regarding the support materia slots, it features an ATK Boost 1 and 2 Physical Attack Boosts 1. There's nothing particularly exceptional in this setup. The 10% damage boost is rather lackluster. Typically, you'll find yourself using support materia like Breach and Defaith/Debrave or Esuna materia in these slots. It could have been more beneficial if the third slot offered an extension of buff/debuff duration.


When it comes to building your setup, one viable option is to equip the Pumpkin Lamppost as an off-hand weapon for Glenn while making the Piece of Cake his primary weapon. The Piece of Cake can debuff the enemy's physical defense to a high potency at higher overboost levels and ranks second in terms of physical attack among all his weapons. Additionally, its support materia slots boost physical materia damage by 20%, which is certainly more effective than the 10% boost from the Pumpkin.

However, it's worth noting that the Piece of Cake lacks offensive R abilities for physical defense and ice resistance. Nevertheless, if Glenn isn't your primary damage dealer and you intend to focus on a support role, these drawbacks can be acceptable. He can still contribute to the party's damage output while providing support.

As for sub-weapons, it might be a good strategy to utilize free event-maxed overboosted weapons that are not currently in use. This avoids wasting valuable physical attack sub-weapons on Glenn. Alternatively, you could consider incorporating sub-weapons with heal bonuses to bolster his healing capabilities and regeneration support. This approach can enhance Glenn's utility in the team and ensure his role as a reliable support character.


Is this a good weapon to invest in? Will it be rendered obsolete in the future? The answer is both yes and no, depending on the context. Support weapons typically have a longer shelf life compared to damage-dealing weapons, as the latter can be overshadowed by weapons with higher modifiers. This particular weapon is certainly worth the investment, and it's also a wise choice for overboosting, given the increase in potency at higher overboost levels. Including the Pumpkin Lamppost in your wishlist is a decision that you can't go wrong with.


The gear that comes with it is the Pumpkinmare. It gives a 10 HP boost and a 10 attack boost. It's definitely Glenn's best outfit, but not for a support build. It might be better suited for a physical DPS build. I'd target Zack's Black Hound instead.



In summary, the Pumpkin Lamppost is a valuable addition to Glenn's repertoire, enhancing party dynamics with its unique support features and high heal potency. While the physical attack may not suit all playstyles, its overall utility makes it a commendable weapon for those seeking to optimize their team's performance.


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